As part of our coverage of 2014 local elections, we have invited each candidate from Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley wards to send in 500 Words describing themselves and their campaign.

This from Liberal Democrat candidate for Weoley Ward, Sally Haynes-Preece:

My name is Sally Haynes-Preece, I am a retired pharmacist with over 30 years working in the NHS at the QE and Women’s Hospital and have lived in the area for over 30 years. I am married to my partner of over 20 years and have a son who lives in the same local community as me.

I am standing for the Liberal Democrats in Weoley Ward so the people of Weoley can have a representative who will actually listen. Labour’s introduction of wheelie bins, increasing council tax and then charging residents for green waste collection are examples of Labour simply not listening to the people of Weoley.

By charging a £35 for the green waste collection and increasing the council tax bill residents will be facing an increase of £83. £83 pounds at a time when residents pay cheques don’t go as far as they used, shows that Labour isn’t interested in helping people, but just putting in place whatever they think is a good idea with no regards to the impact  on people. Whether you’re in work or a pensioner, there are no exceptions.

Even in the implementation of their plans Labour have failed to alert people to changes. When the change to green waste collection came in green waste bags were left uncollected because no one knew they had to pay to get them collected. Months later the streets are still littered with uncollected green waste and Labour aren’t doing anything about it.

On top of this Labour are closing down local community centres, and discussing privatising  others such as Northfield swimming baths as well as cutting the budget for picking up litter on the streets. Labour need to re-assess their priorities and ensure that they are protecting the services that people need and value .

Voting for me on May 22nd will be a vote for giving local people a voice in the city council and ensuring their views are listened to not ignored. Voting Lib Dem will see the restoration of free green waste collection and giving people a genuine chance to influence the decisions that the council makes.


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