If you missed our results posts last night, here they all are in one place – full results for the 4 wards in Northfield district.

Results for neighbouring wards can be found at the bottom of the post.

As anticipated, there is no change in overall control of the council. In fact, there is very little change in seat numbers across the city.

The most striking thing about last night’s results is the significant rise in votes for UKIP, although they didn’t take any seats on Birmingham City Council.

NB: Beacon (Rubery) did not have a local council election this year. European Parliament Elections results are expected to start being released from around 9pm on Sunday (25th May)

Kings Norton – Conservative GAIN

Turnout 30.6%

Steve BEDSER- Labour & Cooperative Party *previous councillor 1722

Christopher HUGHES – Communities Against the Cuts 207

Simon JEVON – The Conservative Party 1837

Peter LLOYD- Liberal Democrats 213

Timothy PLUMBE – UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1222



Longbridge – Labour HOLD

Turnout 28.5%

Steven BROOKES – UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1544

Ian CRUISE – Labour and Co-operative party *previous councillor 1669

Kevin HANNON – Liberal Democrats 157

Derek JOHNSON – The Conservative Party 1598

Aysha TURNER – The Green Party 238

Clive WALDER – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 55



Northfield – Conservative HOLD

Turnout 33%

Randal BREW – The Conservative Party *previous councillor 2697

Barrie CLEWS – UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1366

Katherine Ann DUNN – Communities Against the Cuts 86

Carole GRIFFITHS – Labour and Co-operative Party 1768

Andrew MOLES – Liberal Democrats 154

Susan PEARCE – The Green Party 308



Weoley – Conservative HOLD

Turnout 33%

Stephen BOOTON – Labour and Co-operative Party 1780

Peter DOUGLAS OSBORN – The Conservative Party*previous councillor 2287

Sally Ann HAYNES-PREECE – Liberal Democrats 223

Anna MASTERS – The Green Party 305

Kevin MORRIS – UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1205



Other nearby wards:

Bartley Green Conservative HOLD

Bournville Conservative HOLD

Edgbaston Conservative HOLD

Harborne Conservative HOLD

Quinton Labour HOLD

Selly Oak Labour GAIN

Vote share across Northfield District:


Full election results for Birmingham, ward by ward, can be found on the BCC News Room site

Some interesting data visualisations of all the voting data can be found on The Data Mine web site e.g:



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