As part of our coverage of 2014 local elections, we have invited each candidate from Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley wards to send in 500 Words describing themselves and their campaign.

Current Weoley councillor, Peter Douglas Osborn (Conservative) tells us why he thinks you should re-elect him:

0peterDO1This year we are up against a brick wall. The City intends to force through a “wheelie bin” programme at a cost of £63 million. Not only is it badly planned (it does not take account of those with no space for bins) but it is slower to collect, and therefore more costly. You should not invest when times are hard unless you save a lot of money! Likewise the £33 million scheme for new swimming pools needs to be stopped until the country is fully back on its feet. But can anybody in the Council House listen?

My platform is to try and save both Northfield Baths and Tiverton Road Baths from closure, and Northfield and Weoley Castle libraries from having redundancies and their hours cut. We will reduce the (easily predicted) fly tipping that is going on all over the city due to the garden tax. For one and a half centuries cities in this country have known that their first duty is to remove the waste from their built up areas. It is a matter of health, and a duty of responsibility laid down by Act of Parliament. There is no excuse for sending officers around the city to put sticky yellow labels on bags, and rip them open with Stanley knives to fester on the roadside! Other Cities in The United Kingdom are laughing at us.

We could also save money by cutting the £1.7 million pounds that goes to Trades Union Officers. They should be paid for by their Trades Union. £2 million goes on European and Equalities officers. Do we need that at the present? £3.8 million goes on “Council Policy officers.” But in the last year there has been a rise to £37 million in “sick day payments.”

Yet the city has seen fit to raise your community charge by nearly 3%!

I am part of the Weoley Ward Team, serving Bournville VT, Selly Oak, Northfield and Shenley, with Councillors Adrian Delaney, and Eddie Freeman. We aim to protect the Ward, its services, and aid all of its citizens when they come to us for help. I was first trained as a Mining Engineer on the Northumberland and Durham coalfield specialising in explosives and underground lighting. I ran a small lighting company in the City for 20 years, becoming a Lighting Engineer. I have served on the West Midlands Police Authority as well as the Board of Birmingham Airport. During the Conservative coalition period running the City Council, I was Chairman of the Planning Committee.

Finally can I point out that for more than the fourteen years I have been elected as a Weoley Ward Councillor I have claimed no expenses! I am available for my advice bureau every Saturday on Weoley Castle square between 1 and 2 pm. I am a Governor of Bournville College, Victoria and Cherry Oak, and Bellfield Infants.



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  1. The truth like every one else living in Birmingham we believe that the garden waste collection is an important service and would love to keep it free.

    By 2017 the Tory-Lib Dem goverment will have slashed funding to Birmingham by a massive two thirds.Just this yeart thats a cut of £149 per household/

    IMAGINE if you earned £18,000 per year and your wages were cut to £6,000.
    wouldnt that change everthing about your life? well thats what is happening to Birmingham and people like councillor Peter Douglas Osborn dont give a dam and will not fight to get his government to give Brum its fair share.

    WHAT A CHEEK……….
    Thet support Government cuts – then pretend that Labour is to blame. SHAME ON THEM.

    ON THE NEWS TODAY POLICE are being cut again we should protect front line police the tories say .Yet 15,000 cops have been cut 1,171 IN THE WEST MIDLANDS ,the hardest hit.

    They say one thing in weoley- Birmingham then do the reverse in WESTMINSTER.
    And the simple truth is these tories have never stood up and opposed what their Government has done to our BRUM.

    This is the Councillor who was behind Bournville college having no parking spacea and turning weoley- northfield an Longbridge into traffic hell.

    As for the swimming pools come on they are old unsafe for children please just build an upto date one thats up to date and for families to feel safe and get lockers that you can fit your clothes in and have doors that you can lock.
    my children never feel safe when they go to these old pools.

    This COUNCILLOR supported the dreaded BEDROOM TAX.
    Shame on him people deserve better.

  2. Well said Bono vox im so pleased someone can see what the tories are up to they are giving more money to other cities and leaving the second city BIRMINGHAM to struggle.

    On the swimming pool issue i work in childrens care and both tiverton and Northfield pools did not pass our saftey for children in care assements.
    They were not safe, doors would not lock floors were wet changing rooms always noisey with older children trowing things at each other.
    So we took the children to the new one in harbourne which you have got to see to believe.
    We had our street lights painted in weoley to a cost of 20-30 grand i was told by a Birmingham city council officer the money came from community chest.
    That money could of been given to the square club centre who do amazing things for young people and the elderly.
    As for the traffic issue around all the area we need free parking and better roads.
    We all must look ans say we have three councillor in our area have they changed the area i would say NO.
    WEOLEY needs to change Longbridge is changing and so is Northfield but we in weoley are being left behind.
    Ithink its time to change and VOTE these councillors out one at a time.
    Lets see if they care for us then dont think so DO YOU.

  3. But the council just dont listen…nobody wants to travel to town for a library or to edgbaston for a swimming baths….but they fund new ones. They waste money on flower boxes then dont fill them…spend millions on union offices…buy new cars for leaders…spend millions on bins then say there is no money for other services.
    Never mind keep giving the wasteful council money…teach them how to spend it properly. Like the money out of the community chest for painting….thats the labour council using the community chest money but never ask if it could go anywhere else. They never listen…or just dont care…i dont know which.


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