0gardendanphelpsBirmingham City Council have today released a statement clarifying their position on green garden waste collection in the city.

The statement comes as refuse collectors worked over the weekend to collect green waste dumped in the streets by residents – either unaware of the new £35 annual charge for collection or refusing to pay the charge.

Those who choose not to pay the £35 charge are expected to dispose of their own green waste, either by taking to a local tip or composting.

But over the last few weeks, bags of green waste have been collecting in streets across the city.

Despite yellow warning stickers being left on bags, asking residents to remove and dispose of bags of green waste left in the streets, many have remained where they have been left, leaving the council with little choice but to collect them.

Fly tipping of green waste in our green spaces has also been an issue. Readers have informed us of fly tipped green waste around Bartley Reservoir.

In a statement released this morning, Cllr James McKay, Cabinet Member for a Green, Safe and Smart City, said that charging for green waste collection was necessary as decisions have to be made due to funding cuts from central government.

Cllr McKay also recognised that during the initial transition period there would be issues with people who had not paid for the service leaving their waste out. He said there would be a “limited response” to clearing up in this period.

Cllr McKay stressed that the council will continue to reinforce the message that green garden waste collection is no longer a free service and that the dumping of green waste is an offence.

Cllr McKay’s statement in full:

“The council has had to make hard decisions about budget savings as a result of central government cuts.

“The decision to charge for green waste helps to protect other front-line services because we would have needed to find £2.5million of savings from elsewhere in the council’s budget if we had carried on subsidising the old service’s collection costs.

“This is the first year of the new chargeable service, so we are currently in a transitional period from the old to the new scheme. As with any new service it takes time for residents to get used to it.

“However, despite widespread publicity about the new service, including writing to every household as part of the Council Tax billing process this March, it is clear that not every household has got the message and some have continued to put out their green waste for collection.

“In this transitional year we need to think about those residents who have paid for the new collection service, but also about maintaining the cleanliness of local neighbourhoods where residents either haven’t got the message or have decided to ignore it.

“There is a fine balance to be drawn between maintaining the confidence of our valued paying customers and ensuring that local neighbourhoods don’t deteriorate to such an extent where there is an overall detrimental effect on the city.

“We are looking at a limited response in this transitional period and we will continue to reinforce the message that the free collection service has now stopped and that the dumping of green waste is an offence.”




  1. I am a regular user of the cities recycle centres and am lucky enough to own a car. Since this new policy came I to play, my local recycle centre has become completely gridlocked and very difficult to use proving that the recycle services in place are inadequate.
    As for the £35 charge, I myself am happy to pay that but am reluctant to do so at this stage amid many stories of people paying the fee but never receiving the wheely bin and therefore continuing to not have their rubbish collected.
    People who cannot afford this extra cost are those who cannot afford a car so cannot use the recycle centres meaning this is very much a punishment for the poor.
    Also, the council have a legal duty to keep the streets clear of debris and obstructions meaning that they are placing themselves in a very sticky legal position by ordering their binmen to ignore all of these bags which, by me, are now completely blocking some footpaths and are spilling into the roads too….my area currently looks anything but green, clean, safe and smart which I believe is their slogan!

  2. Jon we need to get the people of Birmingham to sign a mass petition and send or take it to number 10.
    It should have the heading give Birmingham its fair share of money and resources. How can other cities half the size in area and population get more shame on them.
    As for fiy tipping get the enforcement team out its their duty to catch them.
    If you are seen speeding you get fined…..If youhave no tax and insurance you get fined……..If you drop litter you get fined…..If you let your dog foul our streets you get fined…… if you park on duble yellow lines or drive in a bus lane you get fined.
    Fly tipping should be no different and it really bugs me how we let people do it and its happening all the time travellers do it and it needs to be sorted.
    when you fiy tip it is you that not making our city SAFE, CLEAN AND LOOK SMART.
    Sometimes things in life are not fair Bedroom tax ect….
    But to just throw it in the street is not the answer we need to send a BIG message to number 10 give us our fair share lets STAND UP FOR OUR BRUM……

    • Simple way to fix this is at the Ballot box, we have a Labour council so vote them out. As for the 20,000 bins already issued i wonder how many of their (council) chums have been given one of these ?


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