As part of our coverage of 2014 local elections, we have invited each candidate from Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley wards to send in 500 Words describing themselves and their campaign.

Here’s a few words from Labour and Cooperative Party candidate Carole Griffiths, who is standing in Northfield:

500wordscgriffithsI am a qualified Nurse and have worked in the NHS and the community for over 20 years.

I have worked with Adults services including people with a learning disability, the elderly and young people. I have helped in setting up community groups and applied for small grants on their behalf. I have always loved helping people. I have life experiences that really do help me to understand the needs of a community like ours. Now my family have grown up I would like to work for my community, my area, my district.

I have seen many changes over this time but sadly this is the most critical time that we are in now. During the last few years I have met people who have had to choose between heating a room or heating a meal!!!  

I have spoken to teaching staff who are concerned that children are coming to school hungry.

The people of Northfield and West Heath deserve better.  

Labour believe in creating jobs and supporting the business community to create jobs and apprenticeships. This enables people to work and support themselves. Labour will freeze energy bills, give free 24 hours childcare per week, ban zero hour contracts.

Labour believe in affordable housing and are currently busy with casework which includes housing repairs.

I believe in local facilities for local people and have fought alongside Cllr Brett O’Reilly to keep these.

If you elect me I will work hard for you in our community.  If you want someone who understands how you feel, works for you and puts you first,vote for me, vote for Carole Griffiths on Thursday 22nd May.


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  1. If its national issues like freezing power bills etc, why should i trust labour in govt since the very people who want us to support them messed it up big time before? Is it not because of the last govt messing things up we are all suffering now…or was it just the fault of a global resession?
    If its local issues, why should i trust a council that does not listen to the public on issues like wheelie bins and garden waste? If labour believe in local services why wont they commit to a new baths in northfield or keeping libraries open locally? Dog mess is an awful problem right outside Bellfield School…with children constantly getting it on their shoes and clothes? The council (i think) have a no alcohol area in Northfield…why is it not enforced? Why are beggars allowed to harass shoppers and even children near McDonalds on a regular basis? Why are cars driving onto the pavements to use cash machines or McDonalds?
    I could go on but it gets boring, and i don’t know if all of these things are council responsibility, but i know some are…so why should i vote labour again?

    • In all fairness the Labour party managed the national finances far better in the 97-07 period than the conservatives did under 18 years of Thatcher. Not many predicted the financial crash and the suffering it caused. Labour made wrong decisions whilst being in power but management of the national accounts was not one of them.

      As for the city council, well that’s for you to decide. Do you want the city to be cleaner and look pretty with new parks and squares (Conservatives) or do you want greater job creation (Labour)?

      As for Northfield Baths as far as I last heard they’re being rebuilt somewhere else, possibly in Longbridge. At the end of the day the Birmingham budget has been unfairly targeted by national government and any party is going to make cuts, personally I don’t want to see what the Conservatives might end up cutting.

  2. The genie has whispered in my ear that he suspects that Aladdin is not your real name! He has granted us all a wish, which is know who is rubbing this particular lamp :)

  3. I was not a great fan of Mrs Thatcher Rich, but i have to say if we remember the shambles she took over from, well there are similarities to what the conservatives took over from this time. If selling the family silverware and still leaving the cupboard bare is good financial management then i dont know whats bad.
    Looking pretty is one thing but basic rubbish collection is another…thats litter, household waste and not forgetting the green recycling fiasco. Instead of cutting jobs on the bins we could do with more workers.
    The baths in Northfield are well used so why move them…especially when they have not long been refurbished. Its not just baths in Northfield but Tiverton, Moseley Rd and others…making people travel to new leisure centres further away.
    Govt cuts might be unfair…but thats no excuse for wasting money and even borrowing more to put things in people dont want and not taking their views into account.
    I feel let down by the council on so many things…so i’m interested to hear what they will do to change that.


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