From Steven Brookes, UKIP candidate for Longbridge:

Event:UKIP Public Meeting with Christopher Gill, Jim Carver, Bill Etheridge, and Steven Brookes

Event date: 24th April 2014

Event time: 19.30

Event location: Hawthorns Social Club, 59 Rednal Hill Lane, Rednal, Birmingham, B45 9LL

Event description: UKIP Public Meeting. Come and meet your European and Local Election 2014 candidates.

Christopher Gill, former MP for Ludlow, retired businessman, long-term implacable opponent of Britain’s membership of the EU, and currently Hon. President of the Freedom Association
Also speaking will be two of UKIP’s West Midlands MEP candidates, Jim Carver and Bill Etheridge


  1. Ahh, what a bunch of jokers the ukips are….. well, whilst I can laugh sadly they are taken far too seriously by far too many (likely the kind of people that have scrawled NF on the front of the Longbridge Superstore).

    Snobbery when combined with some racism and you get what we have today, the BNP being generally unacceptable but (poorly) veiled bigots like UKIP are sadly lapped up.

    Any British person is either an immigrant or descended from immigrants, all this “us and them” type thinking has to be left behind. European organisations are essential to provide fora to diffuse conflicts, history shows that so well. And by extension other regional and world organisations are essential. Insular and closed-ness can look comforting but is not.

    Something else I find laughable about UKIP supporters is the disconnect in their heads where they tend to be keen on the economy, but at the same time have social views that contradict their economic views. Immigration is an easy solution to this country’s ageing population (and major economic issue), but UKIP-ers seem to want to make it harder for everyone by dismissing that option.

    I think I’ll be going over there later to troll these anti-social dick-heads. But making right-wingers look nasty will be easy. I think I know of this Lud-kip anyway, if he is the same one a friend knows then they are really really out of touch, and I know some of the things he has said in private (that even the dumbest of UKIPer wouldn’t say in public – they know how to not be exactly the same as the BNP). Those veiled prejudices can be pandered to by me in public and used to make him show his bigotry and true colours. It’ll be fun!


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