The annual Pride of Longbridge Rally will take place this Saturday in Cofton Park.

The event brings together ex-workers, enthusiasts and the local community and has taken place every year since 2006 following the collapse of MG Rover.

Over 1,200 cars are expected to attend, including the last original Mini produced in 2000. For more details please email John Baker

Besides the cars, there will be plenty of other activities for families including bouncy castles, face-painting and a small craft fair.

Redhawk Logistica will also be there to create a collaborative collage of your Mini photos, as part of the Longbridge Public Art Project. If you want yours to be included, take a photo along or email to by Thursday (10th)

The general public are most welcome to attend this FREE event and are asked to park on the roadside.

The event is organised by Gemma Cartwright, with support from the Austin & Longbridge Federation (ALF) and sponsorship from MG UK. You can find out more on the event Facebook group, run by Gemma, along with Steve Turner

For more information and history of the Longbridge site visit:

Event details

Where: Cofton Park, Longbridge Birmingham B31 2BQ
When: Saturday 12th April 2014 10:00am – 4:00pm
Cost: FREE



  1. Well done Gemma Cartwright its because of your efforts this great Longbridge event happens.
    Thank you for all you do in your community for free keep it up and roll on 10years next year.
    This event is my way of seeing old friends and seeing all the good that came out of Rover over the years .
    Thank youall who help Gemma put this great local event on and make it a super day for all.
    This as got to be the best event on cofton park for local people.

  2. Hear hear thanks to Gemma Cartwright for ensuring this amazing event is put on every year for the local community for free – here’s hoping the weather is good for it.

  3. Roll on pride of Longbride i worked at Rover 28years and see this as a way of meeting ex -workers.
    Hope the sun shines all day and makes it a good turn out im bringing my four children and my dad who worked at rover for 35years.
    Thank you to all who make this so special and well done Gemma Cartwright you are a star and thank you for all your support over the years.
    Hope this event goes on for ever as it is such a great idea it brings ex workers together and it is enjoyed by all.
    See you tomorrow Gemma.
    The black country Metro club.


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