So what is a Housing Liaison Board ?
A Housing Liaison Board is a group of tenants, leaseholders, owner occupiers, local residents, Councillors and housing staff who monitor and improve housing services in their local area.

The Housing Liaison Board (HLB) network now covers almost the entire city and has proved to be a very successful way for tenants and leaseholders, owner occupiers to become involved.

We are always keen to welcome new members, particularly those from groups who are currently under represented such as young people, new settlers, people from minority ethnic communities, owner-occupiers and gay and lesbian people.

One representative from each local HLB sits on the City Housing Liaison Board.

Every HLB must have an approved constitution in order to be recognised by the Housing Department.

Northfield District Housing Liaison Board is holding a Public Meeting – TUESDAY 8th April 2014, 4.30pm-6.00pm at Culmighton Hall, Culmington Road, Northfield, B31 4JN.

It is seeking new members, and also to re-elect a new Board once the current board steps down. This will be a public meeting and every is welcome.

If you cannot attend this meeting but would still like to be involved, please contact the local Tenant Participant Officer Nadeen Justice on 0121 464 3492 (Office) 07824 694 315 (Mobile).

You can follow Northfield Housing Liaison Board on Twitter @NorthfieldHLB



  1. I think you may of made a mistake the H.L.B is open to everybody in northfield and longbridge but if you own your own property or are a lest owner you are not allowed to vote. unfornatly over the last 12 months the H.L.B is being lead more by the housing team than the tenants hopefully on the 8th of this month at culumington hall at 4.30 it can be sorted out . this is the A.G.M for voting a new chair and vice chair this is the only time the tenants, owner occupers , least holders can have have vote .

    • Hi Neal, I sit on the Kings Norton HLB, we have owner occupiers on our Board too, they do have the vote on certain things, just not things that may directly affect Council tenants at City level re: Council services provided to Tenants. When deciding where our budget is spent across Kings Kings Norton Ward, where we hold our estate Walkabouts, areas that we need to work more closely with the police/other services, we actively encourage all members of our Board, whether Council tenants or leaseholders/owner occupiers to use their vote.
      If you need any more info I can contact the Resident Involvement Team for you to double check.


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