The warmer and lighter evenings that Spring promises is beginning to unfold – slowly but surely – and so is the threat of one of its biggest nuisances.  The annoying sound or sight of improperly used quad bikes or mini motorbikes.

Birmingham South police officers have asked for local residents' help to report cases of improper use of these vehicles, which can be classified as anti-social behaviour due to the disturbances they can cause.  

Mini motorbikes can be ridden with permission on private land and can only be driven on a road when the bike and driver are or have:

Registered with the DVLA
Paid road tax
Aged 17 years or over (16 years for mopeds) with a driving license
Wearing a safety helmet
Have appropriate insurance

So if you have any information on the improper use or ownership of quad bikes, mini motorbikes or mopeds in your area then please call 101 or report any information anonymously by contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


  1. We live right on sennelys park the motor bikes are always on the old BMX track sometimes quite late into the night we have 2 young children and the noise is a pain in the rear as well as the drunk screeming teenagers that take great delight in trying to set fire to damp bundles of grass… Maybe this anti social behaviour should be checked occasionally as it’s now getting beyond a joke and will get worse when the weather gets drier and warmer

  2. Two local youths ride tyheir quad bike along the footpayh and along the Balam Wood footpath almost on a daily basis. They only ride for a short time as they know the police are likely to arrive at some time. Having returned home and waited for the police to go away they then return out on their bike. I’m surprised they have not injured someone as yet. Anti-social, you judge.

  3. waste time police either unable or unwilling to act its just not high proity for them thy just serve section 59 which runds out after month then whole process start again


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