Youngsters aged 5,6 & 7 (and their parents!) are invited to take part in a programme introducing them to playing football.

The FUNdamental Training Programme (FTP) is a fun way to introduce little ones to the sport. And parents are encouraged to assist with coaching, to help more nervous youngsters build confidence.

The first FTP was delivered back in October last year by Focus Through Football ( a division of Focus Through Sport) who branded it a huge success.

Director of coaching, James McPike said: “I was extremely happy with the turn out and especially the involvement from the parents during the coaching, this had a great effect on the children who started a little nervous and looked like they would pull out.

“However, all completed the FTP and the feedback from everyone was excellent, the only criticism was that we started up again in April and not sooner! But due to the weather we’ve had I think that was a good decision in the end, I’m extremely excited for the next programme to start and look forward to seeing the children from the first FTP again.”

The programme starts on Saturday April 12th 2014 at Shenley Lane Community Centre, home of Northfield Town FC and costs just £4 per week.

For more information and to fill in a booking form visit the FTP web page




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