Local elections and European Parliament elections take place on 22nd May 2014.

Here are all candidates nominated to stand in the 2014 Birmingham City Council elections for the Weoley ward of Northfield constituency in Birmingham.

If you are unsure which ward you live in, enter your postcode on the My Local Information website

For more information on the local and European parliament election visit Election 14: Voting information

For full details on candidates for the Birmingham City Council area visit the Birmingham Newsroom website

Weoley ward candidates 2014 – If the candidate’s name in the list is clickable, it is linked to their 500 Words piece (this will be updated as they come in).

Stephen BOOTON – Labour and Co-operative Party

Peter DOUGLAS OSBORN – The Conservative Party *current councillor

Sally Ann HAYNES-PREECE – Liberal Democrats

Anna MASTERS – The Green Party

Kevin MORRIS – UK Independence Party (UKIP)


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  1. It is the first time for me, previous a foreigner but not resident in Birmingham be able to vote. I don’t know if I should vote for the party or vote for the individual. I assume it is bit of both really.

    However I believe the statement or attitude of the individual might be more relevant to me as I am more concerned with local issues. So it is important for me to see their 500 words statement.

    Also why not put the links to their current web presents such as http://weoleylabour.wordpress.com/ for Stephen BOOTON. so at least we can see can compare?


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