0nxbusapr14Following a full service review, there will be some changes to bus services across South Birmingham from Sunday 27th April 2014.

National Express West Midlands say that: “The new network aims to improve reliability and punctuality and to encourage more people to travel with National Express West Midlands.”

Some of the changes locally include:

  • New links from Frankley to Harborne on services 29/29A
  • New links to the new developments at Longbridge and Cofton Hackett and also new Sunday and evening journeys on service 45
  • from Woodgate, Kitwell and Bartley Green to the City Centre via Selly Oak, including a new all day service for Kitwell Lane on services X64 & 23A
  • More buses between Longbridge and Cotteridge on service 49
  • New service for Gregory Avenue at Weoley Castle on service 29A
  • Extra buses added to improve reliability on service X64
  • Service X64 will provide a regular daytime service for Newman College and Kitwell Lane (service 23A will provide an evening and Sunday service for Kitwell Lane).
  • Some timetable changes to improve punctuality & reduce waiting times
  • Services 45 & 47 – Timetable improvements & 45 extended to Cofton Hackett from Longbridge

  • Services 29 & 29A – route changes and 29 extended to Frankley & 29A extended to Northfield

  • Services 61 & 63 – Some timetable changes with extra buses added at certain times to reduce waiting times.
  • Service X64 – Extended to Kitwell & Woodgate via Newman University (Allens Cross and Frankley will be served by services 29 & 29A instead of X64 (providing links to the City Centre via Harborne))

For full details and more information visit the National Express West Midlands web page



  1. On the bus stops they give a code and an expensive number to text it to for bus times and real-time predictions (using GPS data from the buses).

    They also tell you there is a web site, but on that you can also search using the code for no cost (allowing for internet usage on your phone), rather than tediously typing in a stop’s address. The search results page can be bookmarked too for things like your usual stops, making it easy to see how long the next bus will be.

    And be a good citizen, pass on your day-savers :) I like passing on those money-off vouchers Morrisons are giving away at the tills too. They are trying to push me to spend more when I don’t need to nor can afford to, so I just let someone with a big pile of stuff have any voucher.

  2. great!!! not, now my journey to work has increased, now i have to get 1 more bus and travelling to my nans just became harder as i used to rely on the x64 from the ley hill estate to frankley, now involves me having to walk for about 10 – 15 mins just to get the 49 or spend more money getting more buses, this is ridiculous

  3. putting more buses on the 63 route,will that mean now the 2 coming togeather every 1/2hrs will be extented to 4 every 1/2 hour.Be a good thing as well to tell drivers which end of the bus shelter they should stop at

  4. What a great shame there are no improvements to the 98 service. This is severely lacking at the moment. Buses are missing, late and too early. The service is very poor and bears little resemblance to that of the green bus that ran the route some time ago.

  5. I think this is disgusting as they had now took the x64 of in the morning i.e 5.22 am and the new 29 do not run that early so i expected to walk to get a 61 or 63 at that time in the morning, the first bus was always packed with people getting to work so what are people meant to do now??I went to the travel shop and all they would say is contact centro

  6. Why is there a need to keep disrupting the buses, just when we get used to the service and time table you change them all. I use the X64 from Frankley to Woodcock Lane, but now I’m going to have to get 2 buses,

  7. All these changes to bus routes,we live on the holly Moore estate by the new ambulance hub. There are no buses that come by only i think is the 64x which goes to west health. The number 61 would be a great help to all of us who don’t have transport if it came our way ,to get to the 61 now we have to walk up an alley way or through a park ,which is not very nice when the dark nights are with us.

  8. When is Quinton going to get linked with Northfield/Selly Oak etc?
    I was fine with Quintonians having no way of coming down when I didn’t live there but now I do, it’s pants only having 3 or 4 buses, run by different companies which only go to Halesowen or town.

  9. Why don’t they leave alone and just stick an extra number one that does the new community like 41 going to long bridge, rubery/ lickey / and stop messing us about, I rely on the 47 to get to shop / church/ @ all times, as I am unable to walk to far because of my health. Now it looks like I’m going to be using taxi more as my family work. Why do they do this ? They only need to stick a couple of extra buses on or get diamond & private companies to do this. Life is not worth living if I can not get out. Thanks to west Midland transport.


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