From West Mercia Police:

Police are appealing for information about an incident in which a van was broken into and rolled down the road in Rubery.

It happened in Maple Road at about 3.30am today, Monday 10th March.

The Renault Master white panel van was parked outside its owner’s house. The vehicle, believed to be insecure, was entered and the offender released the handbrake so it rolled down the road and came to rest about six houses away, where it was searched. A Makita drill and Makita jigsaw, each other £200, were stolen.

The offender, described as an Asian or black man wearing dark clothing and a hat, drove off in a silver estate car, which headed in the direction of Whetty Lane.

The incident is possibly linked to theft from two vehicles a few streets away in Bilberry Drive, Rubery, overnight (Sunday evening to Monday morning) in which a Suzuki and a Ssangyong Kyron parked on a driveway were entered and searched. A small amount of cash stolen from each car.

Witnesses or anyone with information, including anyone who saw anything suspicious in Rubery in the early hours or the silver estate car making off, are asked to contact PC Matthew Brittain at West Mercia Police on the non-emergency number 0300 333 3000 quoting incident 47-s-100314 or ring the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. Alternatively Crimestoppers can be contacted via their website at

A number of readers also reported to us that they had informed police of car doors being tried in the West Heath area in the early hours of this morning. If you have any information please call Northfield Police on 101


  1. Why would people commit such petty crimes? Of course the answer is because there simply is not enough properly rewarded work out there. The choice for so many is the dole, zero hour contracts, or making a mistake on those and being utterly penalised with draconian clampdowns.

    So it is no surprise to see cars being attacked as people look for wealth. It’ll be people’s homes more and more if the kings of the economy don’t give up their ideologies of consolidating wealth (how about you ultra-rich, and middle-class enablers, actually innovate, actually create, rather than just pulling off (in many ways) the greatest thefts in history?)

  2. Ronnie i take big issue with you…how dare you imply that those of us who are working for small rewards or zero hours should turn to crime .I deeply resnt your Daily Mail views. .i and many others will work hard and find a way to stand on our feet without resorting to crime..

  3. I don’t see how being out of work turns someone into a thief Ronnie Biggs, particularly if they have as you point out choosen the dole.

  4. Ronnie are you smoking crack? I workon aveaverage 55 hours per week for very little pay. I won’t be turning to crime to seek wealth, I and many others like me have pride and self respect which wealth cannot buy.

    This government are doing a great job in exceptional circumstances. Like I said I work hard for very little and some I society did naff all for more than I get as a worker, now under the coalition with cut backs I am opening up a gap on those who are not working. This is how it should be, unfortunately some on benefits want to work and are falling behind but when in that situation you take any work no time to be a job snob. Those who turn to crime are not decent people who want to succeed, they are scum who believe that they are owed something and take what they want off those who work hard to get it.

  5. I live in Birmingham and my house has been empted all cash and gold has gone aswell as college certficates, folders and documentation. Also am being targeted daily basis. No Neighbour likes us it is a area (Crying everything went during Ramadhan and everyday they come eat mum biscuits, take tea bags, take fairy liquid, washing powder – put water into washing powder box and washing up liquid in mum cooking, – other issues are they eat mum cooking and restaurant food out of fridge – also pour mum cooking oil from downstairs into bath so that it is slippy- they also move furniture looking for valuables- also watch our TV broken it – mum plants pour full load water in them and they also killing the plants and destroyed them- mum house get flooded and got marks throughout walls and roof ceiling falling down- our cars also get vanadalised we are struggling and upset also stole my clothes new ones cost a fortune- all because we are asians-muslims- – What can we do – ? Scared told police don’t really care as if it is expected and goes on same as neighbours no body talks all close door in your face when see you!- I am upset and this in RUBERY AREA * CRIME IS EXPECTED! Especially if ASIAN – Very Very Very SAD!!


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