A teenage lad was in collision with a car close to Albert Bradbeer School in Longbridge Lane this afternoon.

Luckily, the pedestrian suffered minor injuries on this occasion but West Midlands Ambulance Service are taking the opportunity to remind all road users and pedestrians to take care and look out for each other on the roads.

After receiving four 999 calls from the public, ambulance crews attended the incident close to Albert Bradbeer Primary School just after 5pm.

An ambulance service spokesman said: “On arrival, crews found the teenager at the side of the road. Thankfully, he was the only patient and had suffered an ankle injury.

“Even though the evenings are getting lighter, it is still really important that all road users, whether pedestrians or motorised, look out for each other, especially at times when schoolchildren are about.

“Although it appears as though there have been no serious injuries on this occasion, we have previously seen much more tragic circumstances.”

Image from West Midlands Ambulance Service
Image from West Midlands Ambulance Service



  1. what ever happended to driving to the conditions ie slow near schools, take your time, plan your jourey.etc
    instead we have drive close together, push past and get from one set of lighst to the next asap…oh and dont forget to txt ont he way…blonde lady in green meadow road today outside of a school!!!!


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