Again members of the Kings Norton Housing Liaison Board, along with the District Neighbourhood Caretaker (DNC) carried out another assessment.

You can help us by advising the local Neighbourhood team with any issues on 0121 464 4700

We have to cover all areas of housing twice a year, so on this occasion we covered some of the Hawkesley/Primrose Estate.

We noted the following, and with the appropriate action being taken.


Dornie Drive, Litter on the grass verge between the properties – DNC to add to potential volunteer work.

Dornie Drive, Fridge on front garden – DNC to call back and inspect property.

Shannon Road, Door and green bags left in street -DNC to call back and visit property.

Leith Grove, Bath on front garden – recent tenancy, contact with voids property team.

Ithon Grove, Black refuse sacks at side of property – DNC to call back and inspect after weekly collection.

Ithon Grove, Car parts in between properties – DNC to call back and inspect after weekly collection/ward crew day shift. If still there add to housing bulk list.

Old Lime Gardens, Shrub beds with green sacks – DNC to clear.

Offenham Covert, Green sacks – DNC to clear.

Drybrook Covert garage area, Bulk rubbish – added to bulk rubbish list for collection.

The Mounds, Litter/rubbish in bushes – added to bulk rubbish list for collection.

Rear of Tarrington, Litter – added to volunteers work list.

Meer End, bags of cut up fencing on grass verge – add to bulk rubbish list for collection.

Kempsey Covert, litter in trees/bushes – add to volunteers work list.


Greenwood Public House, graffiti on side wall, Local NHT Police are aware and have spoken to licensee.

Tay Grove, Graffiti on side elevation – reported to graffiti removal team.

Hawkesley End, graffiti on side elevation – DNC to revisit property.


No instances of vandalism on day of inspection, if you see any please report it on 0121 464 4700.

Hard Landscape:

Garage sites in Dornie Drive, overgrown/untidy – not BCC Housing Land, more info needed to land ownership.

Ithon Grove, missing/damaged fencing – Fencing stolen, possible future HLB project, depending on regeneration clearance timetable.

Several areas of footpaths covered in moss. DNC to check responsibility (Housing/Highways) – possible addition to future volunteers work project.


Soft Landscape:

Tay Grove, Area around trees untidy – add to future volunteers works list.

Leith Grove, several areas where vehicles had driven across and damaged grass.

Hawkesley End, Bushes overhanging footpath – DNC to check if on programme, if not, to cut back.

Old Lime Gardens, rubbish dumped in shrub bed – DNC to arrange clearance.

The Mounds, litter, rubbish in bushes – DNC to arrange clearance.


Breaches of Tenancy:

There were 6 identified properties in breaches of tenancy, locations/details will not be published here.

There was also another untaxed vehicle sighted, this has been reported to the abandoned vehicle department.


Asset Management:

Medway Grove, Forth Grove, Garage Blocks in poor state of repair.

Parking areas and footpaths around Bridle mead, Bay Tree Close, Arrowfield Green, Hawklesley End – Heavy Build up of moss – add to future volunteers project work list.


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and Kings Norton HLB @KingsNortonHLB




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