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When we set up B31 in 2010 voluntarily, we’d hoped it would become a valuable community resource, allowing people to voice and discuss local issues, promote local news, events and organisations etc. We’ve covered news, events, issues, arts, the local elections, raised petitions and more.

The site has become bigger than we ever really expected it to and we hope it is the go to resource for local people, supported by our twitter and Facebook pages.

Last year we put a call out for volunteers to contribute to the website and were overwhelmed with the response, gaining 10 new writers!

Today, we’d like to welcome two new authors to the team — Youth Correspondent Albie Taylor and active citizen Arron Blake! We’re looking forward to their posts!

Many of you already contribute via our Facebook page and Twitter account  — especially during a crisis, for example #B31SnowWatch! — but we’d really like to expand our team of volunteer writers.

Can I join the B31 Voices team?

  • Do you live in our area? We currently cover Frankley, Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield, Rednal, Rubery, Weoley Castle and West Heath
  • Do you read our site and think “I could do that!”? Anyone can do it!
  • Have you always fancied doing a bit of writing? We can help you with the technical bits – they’re not too tricky!
  • ‘But I wouldn’t know what to write about!’ You can write about whatever matters to you and your community or we can provide you with press releases and other material for you to write about – we always have too much to write about!
  • ‘I’d love to but I haven’t got the time!’ You can write as often as you like! We post info to a message board and our writers can pick and chose what they’d like to write about whenever they have some free time! You’re under no obligation to contribute a certain amount.

What’s in it for you?!

  • Money!? No, sorry! B31 Voices is run by volunteers and hosted on personal webspace paid for by us. There is no income at the moment, and if there ever is any all monies will be used towards improving the site and links with the community. If there was anything left over, it would be donated to a local charity. B31 Voices  will always be run by the community, for the community.
  • Experience?! Writing for us will certainly give you something to add to your CV! Aside from writing, if you are unfamiliar with blogging and social media, you will gain useful knowledge and experience in this area. If you get really involved, you may also get to attend hyperlocal blogging events, courses and conferences, if you want to.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling?! Writing for B31 Voices will mean you are contributing in a positive way to your local community, keeping people informed and helping them find a bigger voice. You’ll also get to know and love your own community more – we did!

So, you’d like to contribute?!

If you’d like to be considered as a regular contributor, with author access to the blog and your details on the ‘Meet the Team’ page then drop us an email telling us a bit about yourself and why you’d like to get involved.

Alternatively, you can submit an individual article to us at anytime by email – include some personal details and a picture of yourself to be published alongside your article… or remain anonymous if you wish! Not all articles will be accepted, but most will! We welcome all political views, but will not accept any posts (and comments) which are libelous, offensive, bigoted or defamatory. The blog is intended for use by all ages, so any content must respect this. We welcome free speech, but ultimately, we host the blog and could be held responsible for its content.

We look forward to your contributions! Email sas@b31.org.uk


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