Ten year old Ty’anna Clarke from Northfield is a member of Victoria’s School Of Dance in Longbridge and she has written a fantastic poem about how much she loves dancing!

0tyannaI am the child who…

I am the child who loves to dance,
Across the room I prance and prance.
Tap, ballet, modern and acro
Around and around from the tip of my toe
Stretching and bending above the floor,
Makes me want to dance a little more.
Turning and jumping as light as a feather
As the whole dance group join in together.
I even like dancing when my feet feel like bricks
Galloping about as the clock tocks and ticks
When I dance I feel ever so great,
Twisting and lifting just like my mate
Leaping up to touch the sky
But when I’m not dancing, I don’t go so high
Then sadly when my lesson comes to an end
I dance a little more but just with my friend!

by Ty’anna Clarke, aged 10

Victoria’s School of Dance is a very welcoming all round dance school that supports all abilities and ages: from 18 months to adult! All classes are held at The Factory Young People’s Centre in Longbridge.

A wide range of styles are taught including ballet, tap, modern, street, acrobatics, lyrical and performing arts. Students have opportunities to perform in shows, competitions and carnivals throughout the year.

If you are interested in joining Ty’anna and the many others who enjoy this group, get in touch with Victoria on 07517470346 or visit Victoria’s School of Dance on Facebook


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