One betting shop employee was injured as armed robbers struck at two separate bookmakers in South Birmingham yesterday evening (Monday 24 February).

At just before 8pm, three men wearing balaclavas and armed with a knife and a hand gun entered William Hill in Bristol Road South, Northfield, close to the junction with Tessall Lane.

The men demanded money and one employee was injured after being hit in the head with the metal cash tin which the offenders threw back after emptying.

The offenders made off with a quantity of cash.

Around 50 minutes later, at 8.40pm, a second betting shop in the area was subject to a robbery.

Three men, wearing balaclavas, demanded money from staff at the Bet Fred shop in Pershore Road, Kings Norton The men, again armed with a knife and gun, escaped empty handed after smashing screens inside the shop.

West Midlands Police are investigating the two robberies, which they do believe are linked.

Acting DI Kay Thompson from Force CID said: “Detectives are linking the two robberies which occurred in a short space of time and are currently examining CCTV.”

If you were a witness to either incident or have any further information, please call CID at Harborne on 101. Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111



  1. Part of me cannot feel sorry for these events, bookies are foul anti-social entities. The industry does very well off the back of false-hope, letting people hear promises of riches (well, at least a break from fear of the next bill), when gambling traps so many in poverty, and of course is addictive to so many too.

    Considering the venom that is spewed against dealers of hard drugs, people who are profiting of sub-standard products to those that really need medical help and not unregulated muck that perhaps offers a short-term break for the user, there is a massive double standard when it comes to bookies. They exploit addiction in the same ways as any stereotypical smack dealer.

    Bookies also exploit the vast majority of people’s misunderstandings when it comes to statistics. This is most true with games of chance, like the electronic machines in bookies these days (or the lottery). If a person really knows a subject there is nothing wrong with putting money behind your opinion (but if you know loads about horses you can make more long-term working for a bookies than using their services). The problems come with exploitation…. no doubt industry (or some players within or related) lobby against education and drum-up anti-intellectualism in the media. I do not want to come across as elitist, I desire all people to be as educated as possible so that they can assess risk and dangers more precisely. The sum of an educated populace should keep exploitative entities in check. I am no maths genius either, I just know enough to know I don’t know much. Those running businesses based on maths likely have more of a clue, and so I do not think the product bookies offer has he value they would have me (or anyone) believe.

    The only times I have been in bookies is to use their toilets – they always have one so that punters do not have a reason to leave. Like McDonalds, IMHO the only use for bookies is for their loos.

    Though after this rant don’t think I do not feel for the unfortunate people actually hurt in this incident. Violence is never acceptable, so even though I care little for the non-human entities that are the businesses involved, the humans who are only there to make a living I do feel for. They should not have had to be subjected to the kind of things mentioned in the article.

    The employees must take legal advice too, in case the employer is not offering a safe enough work place no offering sufficient support for the working conditions. What other lines of work, apart from the military or prohibition-underpinned black-markets, do you stand to get guns pointed at you?

  2. Feel so sorry for the shop staff, they get paid very poorly and shouldn’t be at such risk all the time however their employers deserve it as they rob people much worse on a daily basis!

    Their evil, addict breeding machines probably ruined the robbers lives and drive them to such an act, ban the fobt!

    • Therefore attack the employers not the staff. The government robs us daily, do we attack their secretaries. Pubs a full of alcoholic and drunks, do bar staff deserve to be attacked. To many excuses made for people these days.

  3. People like fred hill make my blood boil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a fool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone entering a bookies is over 18 which makes them an adult,if you dont want to lose your money dont gamble.Its about time people accepted responsibility for their own actions. They dont complain when they win but as soon as they lose they become a victim.There are more drunks out there than gamblers but no ones persecuting the pubs or breweries or condoning beating up the bar staff because someone spent all their wages getting drunk.We bookie staff put up with enough abuse as it is because people think its acceptable to talk to us like that WELL ITS NOT …. We deserve to be treated the same as any other profession but due to lack of respect in this country and attitudes like “Mr Hill” who seems to think robbing a bookies and assaulting the staff is somehow justified things are getting worse.There have been some particulary nasty robberies lately including one where a good friend of mine had a gun held to his head while the evil pigs decided whether they should pull the trigger or not.Do you think thats ok Mr Hill ?Would it still be acceptable if it was one of your family on the receiving end of such a brutal act?


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