1. Why waste money on a new swimming pool when its not long been refurbished…waste of sainsburys money. Won’t guarantee library not closing and can’t empty dog bins they have got…never mind spending and borrowing millions to introduce household refuse bins and charging to take bulk items and garden rubbish. Northfield and areas around Merritts Brook Lane are filthy with litter and fly tipping already…it can only get worse. The roads are full of pot holes…Norrington Rd near Egghill Lane is just dangerous and has been for months…the structure of Northfield is falling apart and headline grabbing is not improving the situation.
    Usual hot air and blaming everyone else for own bad management…get a grip for once and do something for the tax payers instead of trying to make a name for yourselves.

  2. None of these cuts are necessary; all propaganda used to get coffers of the rich filled to overflowing on the backs of the rest of us.

    Don’t play the game.

  3. there are 2 things in my humble opinion
    a) BCC must be efficient at what it does… without these cuts from central goverment it never will be and will continue to waste our money. (as its doing now with wierd and wonderful ideas like wheelie bins …whilst fly tipping is getting worse)
    b) central goverment seems to be getting away scot free. We are getting a poor deal here (?) from Eric Pickles and yet i have never heard it explained why we are getting a poor deal !
    We get the council we deserves so vote in May! make your voice heard on high.

  4. I suppose some of the £30 million give or take a few, being spent and borrowed from the council coffers on wheelie bins could have been better spent instead of cutting services… Mind you, that course of action would not sound nearly as scaremongering though as making out there is no alternative to cutting services.

    • Unfortunately, though, the funding available for wheelie bins is targeted at just that – the council wouldn’t be able to spend those funds on anything else, even if they wanted to?

  5. Thats only about half of the story though….what the council is not happy to shout about is the cost being met by from its own funds and borrowing…borrowing/labour, familier ring to that ;)
    So either the council have money to waste on bins when cutting vital services of we are not getting the whole story…except to say that the bins are unpopular in the areas trialled…unless of course you speak to the council who will say everything is wonderful but still go ahead and cut vital services.

  6. I know this is after the event..i have brought this up at the local ward meetings why don’t they see if they can accomdate the westheath library in the factory with the current library staff or ask st.modwen to put something back in to the community with a new library on the rover site

  7. St Modwen would probably have already had to give something back to offset the development. i expect someone can tell us what its being put towards..?
    Moving the library to the Factory might work well rob..worth thinking about :)


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