The Longbridge Public Art Project is taking shape – and some of the artists need your help!

The project, headed by Birmingham based EC Arts and commissioned by Bournville College, is funded by Arts Council West MidlandsSt ModwenBirmingham City Council and Birmingham City University. It aims to support the regeneration in Longbridge and the local community, exploring the past, present and future.

A number of artists are working on the project in and around Longbridge. Here’s a little about some of the things they are working on, starting with three projects which need your help:

0commutersaysnoCommuter Says No

Artists Elizabeth Rowe and Chris Poolman are looking at the Rea Valley Route and are hoping to make some improvements to it as part of the project.

If you’re a Longbridge cyclist they would really like to hear from you. You can get in touch by emailing


0niklbExploring movement

Nikki Pugh is exploring movement around Longbridge and is planning to devise a guided tour in the form of a road trip by minibus, exploring the stories the area has to tell.

She’s currently looking for stories, anecdotes and little known facts about Frankley Services and St Leonard’s Church in (old) Frankley.

If you have anything to share with Nikki, you can contact her via her website.



Jenny Peevers has already spent a lot of time speaking with local groups, business and residents, getting a feel for what’s important to the inhabitants of Longbridge.

In the coming weeks, Jenny will be holding some supper clubs for people to get together and share their feelings about Longbridge. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for details.

If you’re interested in chatting to Jenny about Longbridge, she would love to hear from you. Email:


0redharklRedhawk Logistica

Redhawk Logistica are currently exploring Longbridge from the residency at MG Motors and Bournville College.

They will be proposing some artworks, some permanent and some temporary.

Pictured right is a collective college they created during a day long workshop at Bournville College Open Day in June 2013, with the help of visitors. [Click to enlarge]


0lukeLongbridge Island

Luke Perry of Industrial Heritage Stronghold has been tasked with creating a monument, possibly crafted in steel, on the island on the A38 at Longbridge.

He’s currently in residence at MG Motor and Bournville College as he learns more about Longbridge and its past, present and future.

Luke has already held several workshops within the local community, including one at the Austin Social Club (left).

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts with him, you can contact him via the IHS website.


0antonioDigital Longbridge

Antonio Roberts, currently in residence at the Longbridge Technology Park and St Modwen, is a Birmingham based digital artist who is exploring the technology of Longbridge.

He is working with young people based in the area – including students at Bournville College – to find ways of reflecting Longbridge’s industrial history in experimental, bright and colourful ways.

Antonio is also working with local resident, ex Rover worker and poet laureate Spoz to develop audio sculptures to be placed around Longbridge.


These are just a few of the artists and a few of the things that are currently going on as part of the Longbridge Public Art Project. Other artists include:

  • Stuart Whipps: an award winning photographer who documented life at MG Rover between 2004-2007 and has also photographed the new MG factory in Nanjing, China.
  • Cathy Wade: in residence at Greenlands Social Club and Longbridge Train Station.  Looking at the potential for personal histories and narratives to mark public space and places of local significance.
  • Hannah Hull: in residence at Bournville College and Bournville Village Trust. “I make situation-specific art and undertake social research.”
Image by Stephen Burke

And last week EC Arts and Heavy Object began converting a retail unit in Longbridge town centre into a project space. 

Ian Richards, Curator, Artist and Designer is transforming the unit into an evolving reflection of work in progress and platform for discussion between artists and residents.

The space will be open to the public and we will let you know the opening times once confirmed.


To find out more on the Longbridge Public Art Project, visit the LPAP website


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