All of our Housing Liaison Board Meetings are open to the Public and all are welcome.

They are held on the last Thursday of Each month at 6pm, in Melrose Close Common Room off Foyle Road Kings Norton.

The Second Meeting of the year started off just after 6pm and opened up with a round the table introduction.
The Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and we moved on to the rep from Wilmott Dixon, (the rather lovely Sam).
She explained the community updates within the area would be given at the next meeting, and added that they are currently working with the Housing Improvement Team.
During January Wilmott Dixon had a massive increase in the amount of emergency call outs due to the bad weather and had taken on sub-contractors to reduce the jobs that had been recorded at the Call centre.
They had taken an extra couple of thousand calls/jobs during January mainly leak/water related and were working very hard to get these resolved as soon as possible. Part of the problem was the winds.
You can’t hold a ladder or erect scaffolding with winds strong enough to uproot trees !.
The group then went on to discuss the amount of time it took via the call centre, and this increase in calls had probably had an impact.

West Midlands Police Update.

Travellers that had moved into the cleared space in Wansbeck , had been served with a notice , moved and returned to site, another notice has been served.

The police are monitoring the local situation and are keen to stress relationships are good.

Member of the Board has raised some concerns of a local issue at Pleck Walk and the police are to action. They also gave an update on the recent case of the damage to buses and cars, (14 young people held). They are working in partnership with the council and have obtained and ASB injunction / after breach of injunction the individual has been remanded.

Credit Card Fraud – PC Levy advised under no circumstances must any customer give bank details of any bank/credit cards or pin number based on personal contact being made requesting details. This is due to an ongoing alleged fraud investigation nationwide. 3 men have been arrested so far.

Community Projects –

Our Current spreadsheet for our budget for 2013/up to April 2014 allocation was handed out to all members. The Board has accounted for all budget spend, for 2013/ up to April 2014 spend.

We have been updated on new proposals for the board to approve in order to absorb the under spend , and we agreed the four projects brought forward from the ‘wish list’.

The projects include –

Grange Farm Drive, Vardon Way, West Croft Grove. We have agreed to re-visit LakeHouse Grove on the Wychall area to look at possible projects for agreement next month.

Performance Update –

We were provided with Feedback via the Northfield District TPO (Tenant Participation Officer) regarding legal actions successfully undertaken. Volunteering projects, breach of injunctions with a tenant being imprisoned. The Housing team are conducting rubbish bag searches – this is an ongoing project within Kings Norton and Brandwood areas and links with local schools.

Estate Assessments –

Our Vice Chair who very bravely in all weathers attends in his all-weather gear these gave a detailed update on the 19th Feb Assessment (full details posted on here today).

The date of the next joint walkabout and assessment is 5th march meeting at Melrose Close Common Room at 10am, The Hawkesley/Primrose area will be covered.

The Sheltered Housing Scheme rep updated on the FLOOD !, that occurred during January at Melrose Close and footage was circulated around the room. It was noted by everyone present that the swift action by the local neighbourhood team prevented serious damage occurring to a much used and much-loved building.

Social Media –

A brief update was given to the HLB regarding the different outlets we now have via the two Twitter accounts and now here !, to help rely the fantastic work we are doing within the community. Final Drafts of the new HLB guides are almost ready for publication via BCC. New HLB and mini sites for each Ward are almost ready for training sessions to begin. Lots of members of the group are interested in running this, once dates and meetings are arranged. These new sites from Bham CC will enable those HLB wishing to run them to relay information for all web users to access 24 hrs a day. The Board relayed their thanks to the hard work and time being given by those voluntarily, that run blogs, and Twitter accounts and relay information from Ward/Police/District meetings.

 A.O.B –

The Tenant Participation Officer updated the group’s best achievements for 2013. They were :

Best Community Support Individual

Best Social Networking Individual

Best Cohesion Project

She explained that one of the groups members was given an award because of his commitment to community support despite sustaining personal injuries that could have prevented him from getting involved.  Arron was awarded for his commitment towards social media updating and information exchange. She explained that anyone wishing to see a copy of the profiles/ a copy could be obtained by request from the Housing Office.

A member of the Group requested that at next months meeting Hillmeads Road must be looked at i.e the developement around the road infrastructure.

The next meeting is due to be held Thursday 27th March 2014 6.00pm-7.30pm At Melrose Common Room Sheltered Housing Scheme, Off Foyle Road, Kings Norton.





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