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Sophie Dennington contacted us to ask for our help in locating the family in these photographs.

While doing some decorative work, she found them behind her fireplace at her home in Coombes Lane, Longbridge, Birmingham, UK.

The four photos show a family of four and some others. On the reverse of the photograph of the two children is handwritten: “Robert & Jane Sargent, Christchurch, New Zealand. August 1976”.

The smaller photo of a blonde haired boy has “Robert aged 5 years April 1976” written on the back.

The two children in the photos would now be in their 40s and could live anywhere in the world!

Sophie would really like to reunite the family with their long lost  family snaps, saying: “[It] would be lovely to find them [and] would be lovely to get them back to them.”

Please share this photo with your family and friends, particularly in Birmingham UK & Christchurch, NZ,  and let’s see if we can find them!

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