A dog has been seized and taken for assessment following a report of a young child being bitten in the Woodgate Valley area.

The incident happened on Friday 7th February, at the corner of Bean Croft and Sommerfield Road, as Roseann Dunn’s seven year old daughter was walking home from school with Roseann’s friend. Roseann described the dog, which was on a lead at the time, “lunging” at her daughter, biting her and pinning her against a fence. The youngster was left traumatised with cuts and bruising.

The concerned mum immediately reported the incident to police and an officer attended to take a statement on Monday 10th February. Roseann said: “The attending officer was extremely concerned and assured us this would be dealt with as a priority and explained they would go and seize the animal to assess it and most likely arrest the owner under the Dangerous Dog Act 1991.”

However, she was shocked when, 6 days after making the statement, a friend spotted the owner and dog out walking in the area at the weekend.

Roseann immediately contacted police who informed her that an officer had not yet been assigned to the case.

On Sunday she told us: “I am very angry and worried. We live on an estate where children play outside. It is half term, there will be more kids about than normal, I’m extremely surprised the police don’t consider this dangerous animal a priority, what will it take for them to take action?”

Roseann also contacted her MP and local councillor.

Following a query from B31 Voices, police released a statement confirming that the dog was seized from its owner yesterday (18th February), 11 days after the incident. The dog is awaiting assessment while police will be interviewing the dog’s owner.

Inspector Cate Webb-Jones said: “We have today seized a dog from an address in Sommerfield Road, Birmingham following a report from a mother whose child was bitten by an animal. The dog has been taken to a commercial kennel where it will be assessed for suitability and temperament. The owner will also be interviewed by officers.”

Inspector Webb-Jones also addressed concerns regarding the length of time it had taken to respond to the incident, saying: “I am also looking into a complaint made about the initial response to the complaint and the delay in responding to the report of the dog bite. I acknowledge the further distress that the poor response has caused the family and I have reassured them personally that any shortcomings in the level of service they received will be addressed.

“We expect the highest standards of professionalism from our officers and staff and will always fully investigate any complaint that is made.”


  1. I would like to offer my support and sympathy to Roseann Dunn and her daughter for what I know must have been a horrific experience both from the attack itself and the fact the police had not and probably would not have taken any action if she had not complained.

    However my other major concern and disappointment BUT sadly not surprise is regarding the police response or lack of it.

    The police inspectors comments re the level of service the family received sadly reminded me of the experience my wife and I had with the police, when at every level over several months of complaints they expounded the same insincere comments.
    Whilst out walking, Our dog was attacked by three dogs which were allowed to run freely by there owner who then seriously injured my wife and our dog by lashing out with his dogs leads.

    It required considerable effort and numerous complaints to get the police to act as they prosed to take no action.

    Roseann and her daughters experience confirmed to me yet again that the police have lost sight of the fact that they are supposed to protect the public and not each others poor performance by making the same pathetic standard statements “We will learn the lessons from this and look to improve our service to the public ” .

    Roseann, I truly hope you and your daughter are not to scarred and traumatised by this attack and that you receive the proper support, sadly we did not.

    Kind regards.


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