A former teacher at a Weoley Castle secondary school, now aged 90, is to appear in court charged with several counts of indecent assault.

Marcus Marcussen, from Tenbury Wells, is charged with 15 counts of indecent assault and two counts of gross indecency against boys under 16 between 1973 and 1978.

Marcussen was a PE teacher at Ilmington Road Comprehensive School in Weoley Castle for 45 years. The school was demolished in 1985.

He is due to appear at Birmingham Magistrates Court on Thursday 20 February.

DC Mick Clark, from West Midland Police’s Public Protection Unit, called for anyone with any further information which may aid the investigation to come forward, saying: “Any information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.”

If you have any information please contact DC Mick Clark in confidence on 101


  1. So many celebrities and ordinary people being brought to book for sexual abuse etc…..This is right and good, but why are we not seeing more politicians also being charged and convicted? There have been many reports of politicians being similarly culpable….

    Are they being protected then?

  2. i used to go to this school and i remember this teacher he also used to run the local square club on weoley castle square he would never allow girls into the swimming pool only boys and they never wore swimming trunks thought he was weird then

    • yes i remember him at the square club , marcus marcusson told us that we couldnt wear trunks because the fibres would block up the filters, then he always came round with a hose to hose the tiles down but spent more time hosing us down and always aimed at our privates . i always stayed away from him .

  3. I went to Ilmington Rd school from 1971-1976, 3 of my elder brothers also when to Ilmington and we all used to go to the Square Club. It was a well know at that time about Marco’s inappropriate behavior. I can only assume that if all the kids knew what he was up to then surely so did his employers? Seems like a classic case of people in authority turning a blind eye! My question now is ‘what the hell are they going to do to him now – the guys 90 for f**k sake??? Something should have been done years ago!!

  4. Hi Everyone, I also attended Ilmington Road School 1956 – 1961. We all knew about this ?x!!x!!
    I was too embarrassed at the time to tell my parents about his behaviour. I’m so glad that he will finally be prosecuted I had given up hope. I have been in touch with the Police Detective in charge of the case to give my account of this man and I urge anyone else that can offer any evidence to do the same.

  5. I see the lynch mob are out in force.I attended Ilmington Rd School 1951-1955 and Mr Marcussen showed me nothing but kindness especially after I was seriously ill after a burst appendix. There was No inapropriate behaviour as far as I was concerned. We went camping in Devon with the School all arranged by Mr Marcussen and again nothing untoward happened, surely Mr Eccleston the other Teacher on the trip would have noticed if there was. Good luck to the Man.

  6. I remember Marko at ilmington and the routine of only boys allowed to swim at the square club and we had to be naked. good luck to all those who have brought charges against him shame its taken so long.

  7. I remember Marko and the square club routine of only boys allowed to use the swimming pool where you had to be naked. to those who have brought charges against him good for you hope he gets what he deserves for any teacher who suspected anything shame on you.

  8. I was at Ilmington from 1956 to 1960 and witnessed Marcussen using his whale bone cane on the backside of one of our class mates we were not angels but this didn’t justify the vicious use of this cane, which it was, also we all knew to keep to keep well away from him when in the showers. He would grab hold of naked boys and rub his stubbly chin on their bodies. He was a preditor and a sadist and may he rot in hell.

  9. I was also a student at Illmington and Marco was known by everyone as a monster.
    Some of our Gym lessons included swimming at the Square Club and Marco would force us all to swim naked.
    If we were to complain or refuse we knew that we would be ‘Whaled’.
    Everyone in the school knew that he abused boys but we were to scared to say anything.
    If you look at the pictures of him now you will notice how strong this man looks for a 91 year old, this man is not frail.
    When he was our PE teacher he was a giant of a man.

    Nearly every boy was bullied by this thug and those that were not were his favourites, he had something else planned for them.
    Forget talking about 12 to 14 victims, in his time Marco taught thousands of boys and in one way or another he abused every one of us.
    We feared doing PE if Marco was the teacher, we knew that whatever happened someone would end up getting a beating.

    Marco was a bully and a pervert, he deserves to be where he is now.


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