My name is Kizzie Taylor and I’m 12 years old. I have been going to a drama group at The Factory called Fourth Wall for five weeks.

I highly recommend this theatre group for kids aged 11 – 18.

Even though I have only been going for a short period of time, I have already learnt loads of things about acting and the community. I have met some great people of all ages who have helped me to develop my acting skills and confidence.

It is run by Adam ‘Shep’ Sheppard and Daniel Bridgewater. They both help us all to put ourselves forward and they listen to our ideas. Each week we focus on something different, all which relate back to the main theme, which is currently ‘dreams’.

Fourth Wall is good because it’s a fantastic experience and you are guaranteed to enjoy it as well. You get all this for just £4.00 a week.

If you are 11-18 years old and would like to join this fantastic company, go along to The Factory on Saturday mornings!

When: Saturdays 11am-1pm from Nov 2nd
Where: The Factory Young People’s Centre, 5 Devon Way, Longbridge, Birmingham, B31 2TS
Cost: £4 per session
Ages: 11-18 years

For more information: Fourth Wall Website  |   Facebook   |  Twitter



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