20130913-180759.jpgWest Midlands Police responded to a report of a robbery on the new Balaam Wood estate in Northfield late yesterday evening (Wednesday 4th December) 

Just after 11pm, three men approached a 27-year-old man in Drumlin Walk, just off Tessall Lane. The men threatened him, grabbed hold of him and demanded his mobile phone and wallet. After the man handed the items over, the brazen trio grabbed the jacket off his back before making off.

The victim was not injured but shaken by the incident. Items stolen were an iPhone 5s, the man’s wallet and a True Religion coat (navy with fur collar).

Response police were quickly on the scene but, despite help from police dog unit and the West Midlands National Police Air Service helicopter, were unable to locate the offenders.

Detective Constable Sandy Thompson, from Birmingham CID, said: “Although this robbery happened relatively late in the evening, there may have been people around in the area who saw the three men responsible.

“Local people in the community are our eyes and ears and we need to hear from any witnesses to progress this investigation.

“If you have any information that could help our investigation, no matter how insignificant it may seem, please come forward and call us on 101.

“If you would rather provide us with information anonymously you can do so by calling the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”


  1. Tried to call about my son getting attacked yesterday evening around 1030pm but was told because he wasnt reporting it wasnt significant, surley something is better than nothing give u an idea of where these people are operating from? Feel let down yet again and we are taught to report any info as all can be important? ???

    • Tracey it was me it happened to, your son has to report it I have already phoned the police and given your story they need him, I need him! i know he is shaken and scared I am! it’s horrible he couldn’t begin to tell you how it’s made him feel and know one can tell him what he wants to hear, if he feels anything like it’doesn’t matter how proud of a man he is this incident took that away from him and he wants it back.. I Was threatened with being stabbed I had my own clothes taken off my back from another man, his information could stop them before they go 1 step further. We will catch them but your son is key.

  2. Tracey to be fair to the police, if the crime isn’t reported they can’t act on it.

    Rob, so sorry about what you had to go through, must be terrifying :(

    Hope the police can get hold of these people but they do not the help of the community. Do call 101 if you have any suspicions or if you don’t want to give your name, call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 x

  3. 3 men is not an adequate description.
    The victim clearly gave a statement as to what the offenders looked like. Why do they not include this in the press releases?

    • 3 black males all around 6ft or just under, slim to average build wearing dark clothing black/navy. 1 was wearing a black beanie hat with white horseshoe logo. Others were just hooded with neck warmers over face Age around 18, no older than 20.

  4. I reported a knife which had been set on due in the field between water works rd and nutbush drive last Friday. 2 officers came out and collected it but didn’t seem to understand the relevance of my call – ie the knife was covered in Hay, and engine oil and had a lit cigarette stuffed under it. They just wondered why I hadn’t put this bladed article in my pocket and taken it home instead of bothering them. They just chucked it all in the same ev bag with bare hands.
    Point is could this have been used in the robberies around this area?
    5 mins ago I walked past the very same spot and this time there is what seems to be burnt clothing and broken bottles there. Just a coincidence or is someonelocal using this place to destroy evidence of crime?


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