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The new family friendly Hungry Horse pub opens in Longbridge town centre tomorrow, Monday 11th November, creating 50 new full and part time jobs.

The Cambridge, named after the iconic Austin Cambridge, overlooks the newly landscaped Austin Park and the River Rea.

Family run operator Greene King has signed a 25 year lease on the premises, joining an array of household names at the new town centre development, including Sainsbury’s, Costa Coffee, Premier Inn, Beefeater Bar & Grill and Greggs, as well as a number of independent retailers and two new office buildings, Park Point and Seven House.

Mark Watkins, senior development surveyor at St. Modwen said: “The opening of the new family-friendly pub at Longbridge is further testament to our commitment to create a mixed use shopping and leisure environment at the heart of the community. It will play a major part in helping to serve local residents as a place to eat and socialise and as a destination for visitors to the town centre.

“The Cambridge will offer families a high quality and affordable experience, in an attractive and comfortable environment, with excellent views of the new park. We are expecting it to prove a very popular venue.”

Matthew Brown, business unit director for Hungry Horse, said: “The Cambridge is an exciting twist on our famous family-focused Hungry Horse brand that adds a dash of sophistication and will provide this vibrant area with a great place for friends to meet.”

Mike Murray, senior development surveyor at St. Modwen, responsible for the development added: “We welcome the opening of The Cambridge, which will add to the experience of Longbridge as a mixed-use retail and leisure destination for local residents and visitors.

“With 24 shops and restaurants, in addition to new office accommodation, education facilities, employment and nearby residential development, we are looking forward to welcoming new tenants to Longbridge in the next couple of months.”

St. Modwen recently submitted raft of new planning applications aimed at delivering the next phase of regeneration at Longbridge. The proposals include three new residential developments at Lickey Road and Low Hill Lane and a specialist Construction Centre for Bournville College.

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Image by Ell Brown on Flickr


  1. No experienced staff. Honestly, has anyone working there worked in a pub before? Staff are seem to have no initiative. They seem to have been to be told to only serve a little section of the bar each, which, if there is someone to serve elsewhere they will not move from. I waited for a bar tender to finish serving someone next to me while a bar tender further up the bar stood idle. After 9pm there was a lot of unsavoury characters and I didn’t feel totally comfortable. I do feel bouncers are needed later in the night.

    “Double vodka and coke please, fill it to the top please”
    “Would you like to buy another measure of coke?”

    • I Agree…… I wanted to ask about booking for a party of 9 for Xmas Menu, but im affraid the Very Young Staff Had No Idea, TO BUSY on there Phones, was told, i’d have to talk to a manager !!! So asked for a phone no:.. No pen ( Bar Staff No Pen!!) I was given a WET Xmas Menu & a bit of paper with phone number on, Oww & a Smiley Face.. Very !!! NO WORDS. Sad Thing is ive been toold the FOOD is Bril. Shame about the Staff…

  2. The problem is the interview panel have not got a clue what they are looking for. All they want is minimum wage staff rather than experienced bar staff that can actually do the job. Certainly not the fault of the new staff but persons selecting staff and not hanging around to see the feedback from public in a real working environment.

  3. Been here 4 times now and have always found the food service very quick, efficient and of a good quality. Haven’t had the problems reported here with the staff, but we have gone on quieter times of day. The last time we went we were asked by 3 separate members of staff if everything was ok with our food. (the chicken skewers with jalapeno dressing blew my socks off!!, delicious). I love the layout and decor and the t.v screens are a good idea for the kids. All in all i have no hesitation in recommending the Cambridge.

  4. Poorly cooked food for the 3rd visit now . Grilled tomato not grilled. Soggy onion rings, over fried chips and over cooked chicken. The staff seem lost and go round in packs on phones and a lady who i assume is a duty manager roaming around aimlessly. 3rd visit here will be my last!

  5. Surprised that there is not one disabled car parking space. In the absence of such designated parking it is difficult for patrons with walking difficulties to get to the entry door. No larger print menu available. Even someone with “normal” sight would rxperience difficulty reading the smaller print. That having said, excellent roast pork but did not like the veg. Stated like cook in the bag micrwave.


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