The mystery of the green people, spotted by many around Northfield, Kings Norton and Rubery over the last week has been solved and their secrets revealed!

Green people, wearing lime green morph suits and whacky accessories,  have been spotted today visiting St Laurence Church School (where we hear the children were very excited to meet them!), Northfield Ecocentre, Victoria Common and Northfield Town Centre Partnership – and they were not alone! They had an ITV camera crew in tow!

The stunt was an attempt to raise awareness of a cycling project in South Birmingham and win support for a bid for a £50,000 grant from the National Lottery funded People’s Millions.

The proposed Cycle South Brum project aims to get more people cycling – an affordable and healthy mode of transport – by providing FREE loan bikes on a daily basis or longer term. While helping local people get around more cheaply or enjoy family rides together, the project will also be promoting and enabling exercise and healthy lifestyles.

Cycle South Brum is one of six causes shortlisted for a £50,000 windfall in the West Midlands region – but only three will be granted the funds – and which are successful is down to the people. The film made today will air when the project goes head to head with another charitable cause on Central News on November 26th and, if it is to be successful, it needs YOUR votes!

Rebecca Debenham, Manager of Northfield Town Centre Partnership and the face behind the Green Lady said: “We’ve had such fun meeting people through the green mystery of Northfield over the past week. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response. We hope people will continue to support the Green Lady and her friends by voting for Cycle South Brum to win the People’s Millions on Tuesday 26th November.”

Click here to register your support and receive a reminder by text or email when it is time to vote! (And here to learn more about how the vote will take place!)

The green people had locals sending in photos and videos and pondering their mystery for around a week before finally revealing their aims today – and not only in the local area! The #GreenMystery sparked interest from the Birmingham Mail and was discussed on Free Radio. The story even attracted national attention, appearing on the websites of The Metro and The Mirror newspapers!

Northfield Town Centre Partnership are the brains behind the project with help from Northfield Ecocentre, Northfield Business Improvement District (BID) and Birmingham City Council’s Northfield Pool and Fitness Centre and supported by Centro, Sustrans, Bike Right West Midlands and lots of local cyclists.

There were four morph-suited supporters of the project who skipped, read and posed around the area to support the cause they are so passionate about! They will still be seen around the area from time to time up until the vote day promoting their cause – look out for them!

Georgia Stokes, The Green Lord and Manager of Northfield Ecocentre added: “It’s been an amazing experience and we thank everyone for their interest and encouragement. Please keep looking out for the green people around south Birmingham and ask them about the project. You can find out more at the website. Please join our mailing list to get the phone number to vote on the day.”

It’s great to see local people and organisations so passionately getting behind such a fantastic project!

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Find out more about Cycle South Brum on the www.cyclesouthbrum.co.uk website,@CycleSouthBrum Twitter and CycleSouthBrum Facebook page

Click here to register your support and receive a reminder by text or email when it is time to vote! 

Some of your #GreenMystery photos:


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