Jay’s best friend Katie has lost her very precious friendship bracelet. 

Jay Demitriou, 13, sadly lost his battle with a rare form of lymphoma last month.

Katie had two special bracelets made while on holiday in Turkey – one for her and one for her best friend, Jay.

Both bracelets were of blue and silver beads with a large white bead printed with the word ‘Ohana’, meaning family. On the reverse of the white bead, one bracelet read Jay and the other Katie. Katie wears Jay’s name and Jay wore hers.

This bracelet is obviously very important to Katie but sadly, she lost hers this morning on the way to school.

In an appeal to find the bracelet on the Team Jay Facebook page, Jay’s mum Mandi says: “Katie is distraught and feels she has now lost the only thing she had left bonding these two friends together forever. Jay was cremated wearing his as we knew how special this was.”

It’s thought the bracelet (the one with Ohana & Jay printed on it) would have been lost somewhere on The Roundabout, Longbridge or around Morrisons Rubery car park or Colmers School.

Please help Katie find the bracelet. If you have found it, please get in touch!




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