1. I sounds like that the same big issue was raised at this ward meeting as at the northfield ward meeting LONGBRIDGE LANE NARROWING. there as been lots of RTA since the wiork started and the syncranising of the lights will not help the flow of traffic when will they understand they are developing a major site incouraging more traffic flow and they are taking it down from 2 lanes to 1 ..I say this to the highways chiefs and planners you come and use the road everyday or live here and see what you have caused to us local residents

  2. I absolutely agree with the above comment. Longbridge Lane is a nightmare now, most mornings the traffic heading down towards the Bristol Road is backed up to the island by the BP petrol station. All the new paving is supposed to be being done to incorporate Sunbury shops into the new development. Did the Council not think about how these shops would be affected then, when they decided to let the new shops on the front of Sainsbury’s to similar retailers – ie another chip shop, together with Greggs. If anything this is just going to take trade away from the shops in Sunbury Road. It just leaves you speechless.


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