0cersAre you a carer? Do you worry about what will happen to the person you care for if you become ill or are unable to care for them due to an accident or other emergency?

As part of Carers’ Rights Day on Nov 29th, Sainsbury’s Northfield will be hosting the Carers Emergency Response Service (CERS)  -the Carers Support Team will be able to offer information and advice to carers.

Carers Emergency Response Service is a free emergency service for carers, funded by Birmingham City Council. They can look after the cared for person if the carer is involved in an accident or an emergency for up to 48hrs in normal circumstances and up to 72hrs in a bank holiday situation.

For more info, pop in to Northfield Sainsbury’s on the 29th between 10am and 1pm to chat with the team or visit the CERS website


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