Last week several readers sent in pictures of a “Green Lady” spotted in Northfield sporting a lime green morph suit and reading various books.

On Thursday she was spotted around Sainsbury’s and Northfield baths, wearing a tall black hat and reading.

On Friday, readers reported more sightings around the Northfield Shopping Centre area. On this day, a lime tutu and black Bob wig had been added to the colourful ensemble and a different book was being perused.

The “Green Lady” seems to want to be noticed as she sits or stands in prominent areas of the town centre.

Rachael Morgan, who snapped the “Green Lady” at a bus stop outside The Flower Centre, said: “I said can I take a photo and she nodded but when I asked her why she didn’t say anything.”

Although we initially suspected that this was some kind of promotion or art event, it that seems that neither Northfield Town Centre Partnership nor Northfield Ecocentre know anything about it!

A number of readers on our Facebook page have suggested that this may be a local character who just enjoys dressing up.

If you know or are the “Green Lady”, get in touch! Let us know if you see her!

More images – click for larger

Update Monday 11/11/13 13.00 Green Lady has been spotted with a friend this morning on Bunbury Road, see photo gallery. Claire says that one of them, a lady, said “Good morning” as she walked by

Daniel Williams sent in this video shot by his sister Sarah!

Update Tuesday /11/13 Two Green People have been spotted around Kings Norton today! The mystery continues!

UPDATE Tuesday 12/11/13 4pm And then there were three…..!?


And reader Ian Rushton is claiming to have unveiled the Green Mystery….!




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