A number of followers tweeted us last week about concerns surrounding traffic management in the new Longbridge town centre.

Hayley Bradbury tweeted that she saw a near miss at the entrance to Sainsbury’s car park from her window seat in Costa Coffee. Several other followers then voiced their concerns.

St Modwen, the site developers, were quick to respond with a statement:

We are working to create and maintain a safe, secure and clean environment for residents and visitors to Longbridge. Part of this process is ensuring that pedestrians, cyclists and motorists recognise that the area is a shared space and are considerate of others, so as not to cause obstruction, or inconvenience.

We are continually looking at ways in which we can improve the experience for those using Longbridge town centre, and welcome any constructive feedback from regular users and also from visitors to Longbridge, in order that we can work towards improving the space for the benefit of all.

Readers on our Facebook page expressed other concerns regarding the role of  town centre “security guards”: from refusing Pudsey bear, fundraising for Children in Need, entry on to the development; moving a coach collecting a party from Premier Inn off the development and on to Longbridge Lane; and moving on people picking up or dropping off passengers, including the elderly and disabled.

St Modwen are keen to hear your concerns.


  1. For a brand new development which was in the planning stages for so long, this is turning out to be a shambles in terms of traffic management within the new town centre itself. The christmas rush has not even started yet – wait until all the mad shoppers are zipping in and out of Sainsburys thinking they’re the only ones on the road, ignoring the many pedestrians in the zone.

    Hayley’s picture clearly shows that there are no road markings at the entrance to Sainsbury’s car park; compare this to the logical lay-out of the car park entrances at Sainsburys in Northfield or Morrisons in Rubery and it is clear that there is an accident waiting to happen.

  2. The ‘security’ on site are jumped up jobsworth who must be bored and amuse themselves by enforcing ridiculous rules. They must be lonely at night going home to an empty house!!

    • I think you might find that the security are just doing what they r told to do mate. They follow instructions off management i should imagine.

  3. The entire project has been a disaster from the word go. Houses flooding every time there’s 1/2 inch rain, heavily contaminated land (which is being built on, I might add), destruction of the Flight Shed, narrowing of Longbridge lane …
    The roads are a disgrace. A two lane turns to a three lane then down to a one lane in the most dangerous part of the road where drivers have no visibility or warning the road’s about to narrow. Then it goes back to three lanes and back to two. What moron designed that?

    And what idiot decided to build thousands of homes in an area with no jobs and no additional transport? The train station is a disgrace, the trains even worse. The buses have always been unreliable and it won’t be long until the new residents do what the rest of us do and take to their cars. The entire area is gridlock during rush hour as it is, what’ll it be like when the snow hits?

    What happened to all the jobs we were promised? The existing technology park can’t rent office space as it is. What happened to the transport hub, the 900 space multi-storey car park, the rail station upgrades? Where are the extra schools, the additional infrastructure (sewers, mains etc)?

    And don’t get me started on the parking at Sainsbury’s, with their bully boy big brother plate recognition systems and nazi security guards.

    Children have designed better ‘town centres’ on Sim City. Maybe St Modwen could learn something from them.

  4. The area is a shared space – by having unclear priorities the idea is that cars slow down and drive more cautiously.

    The problem is with the idiots who still drive as if they own the place….

  5. “heavily contaminated land (which is being built on, I might add)”

    And your problem with this is what? The contaminated land is NOT being used for housing.

    “A two lane turns to a three lane then down to a one lane in the most dangerous part of the road where drivers have no visibility or warning the road’s about to narrow. Then it goes back to three lanes and back to two. What moron designed that?”

    Where exactly does that happen?

    ” The train station is a disgrace, the trains even worse. ”

    Nothing to do with St. Modwen.

    “Where are the extra schools.”

    Are these needed? Why?

    I’ll stop. I could object to almost every gripe in that daft post.

    I’m not entirely what you were expecting Fed Up, a whole new town centre erected in a matter of months, with everything in place and ready to go?

    Ridiculous post. Get a grip.

    I’m Fed Up of people spouting rubbish like this, be much better if it was just disused warehouses and factory buildings slowly falling into disrepair wouldn’t it?

    I think not.

  6. The problem is that when cars turn into the ‘main street’ they’re presented with what looks like a wide, straight, featureless road – so they speed up. Narrow the road with some markings (contrasting bricks?) or street furniture and cars will slow down.

    Could also do with some markings to encourage pedestrians to cross the road at certain points. Bit of a free-for-all at the moment – drivers need about 8 pairs of eyes to watch everyone and to pedestrians it feels like you’re taking a chance walking across a wide dual carriageway. Sure others have mentioned this before in comments.

    Also agree that some give way lines would be a good idea at the entrances/exits of both at the Sainsburys and surface car parks to encourage more careful driving at these points.

  7. Got to agree Busta…not much that a few road signs and white lines wouldn’t put right…oh, and teaching the children how to cross the road without staring at their phones.
    Longbridge is improving each day…and i’m even getting used to the Bournville College building.


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