Day 83 - West Midlands Police - Lost & Stolen Phones
Photo West Midlands Police on Flickr

West Midlands Police have confirmed that there have been 3 instances of robbery in the Rubery Rednal area within a week. 

On all three occasions, the victims have been teenage boys and mobile phones were stolen. Investigating detectives are still looking into whether the incidents are linked.

The first robbery being investigated took place last Saturday (16th November) on ‘The Lanes’ public footpath, which runs from Leybrook Road and behind Great Park. A lad had his iPhone 5 stolen.

On Monday 18th November, a robbery took place under the A38 flyover at Rubery.

The third incident took place off Leominster Walk, off Deelands Road, Cock Hill, Rubery. On this occasion, 4 youngsters had mobile phones stolen from them.

Anyone with any information, please contact Northfield CID at Bournville Lane on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Some mobile phone safety tips: 

  • If possible, keep your phone out of sight in public areas
  • Ensure your phone is password / PIN protected
  • Don’t leave your phone on tables or other places where someone could easily pick it up
  • Don’t let strangers use your phone. If it is an emergency, call the emergency services on their behalf
  • Stay alert when using your phone
  • If your phone is stolen, call your network or 08701 123 123 to get your phone blocked – you will need you IMEI number: dial *#06# on your mobile and keep a record
  • Postcode your phone using a UV pen and register it on the national database This means it will be easier to return your phone to you if it is stolen
  • If you have a smartphone, install a tracking app such as Apple’s Find My iPhone, Android Find My Phone, Windows Phone Tracker or Blackberry Protect




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