As you may or may not know, Sergeant Robin O’Brien is now leading the Longbridge Neighbourhood Policing Team after the departure of Acting Sergeant Karl Pierpoint.

Not quite old enough to retire, Karl decided to take on a new role at the South Birmingham Response Team. He will now be based at Bournville Lane, so he’s not a million miles away and will still be seen in and around the community.

Karl, who was brought up in the area, has been part of the Longbridge team since he joined the force over 3 years ago. During this time his qualities shone through as did his commitment to his job and the community. His hard work and obvious policing talents were rewarded on Valentines Day 2012  when he became Acting Sergeant at Longbridge Neighbourhood Policing Team.

The positive impact Karl and his team have had on our community is remarkable.  Not only has Crime fallen by 13% compared to this time last year, he’s also brought the community closer together by his involvement in the many groups and activities.

“I honestly class The Neighbourhood Watch, Longbridge and Frankley Councilors, Northfield Fire Station, all our schools and of course the amazing B31 Voices massive as my team, we haven’t done it alone”

Unusual as it, finding a Policeman, (yes, in your face political awareness, I said Policeman, not Officer) who doesn’t have at least one bad word said against him is as rare as somebody liking the Cambridge as a name for a pub! Why not, ‘The Mini Metro’? ahem!  Anyway, Karl is that rarity, Karl is that freak of nature! Obviously those he arrested may not actually agree!

We at B31 Voices would like to thank Karl personally, it’s been a privilege working with him on community issues. His willingness to embrace the values that a site like ours has on a community has enabled B31 Voices to provide a better service for you.



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