The burst main | Pic by @stwater on twitter
The burst main | Pic by @stwater on twitter

Work is ongoing to restore some supply to homes using rerouted supplies and tankers. Meanwhile engineers are working on fixing the damage to the major water main that has burst at Frankley Reservoir. Readers have reported disruption to supplies since 6am this morning. Updates will be posted at the top of this post:

UPDATE 2220hrs

Severn Trent say if you’re in B31 and your water came back on and then went off again, you should have it back again within 45 minutes. If it’s not been back on yet at all in B31/45/32 give them a call 0800 783 4444

UPDATE 2100hrs

From Severn Trent:

We’re pleased to say that following a lot of hard work from our teams, the water supply in many areas has now been restored.  However, we know some customers in the following post code areas are still affected: –

B15, B16, B17, B18, B20, B21, B42, B66

We know that our customers in neighbouring post codes now have water again, and we expect that a water supply will be restored to the majority of the above areas within the next couple of hours. Initially the water pressure may be a bit low, but as our network fills back up with water the pressure will return to normal. We currently expect this will take no more than 6 hours.

Some users have stated to us that their water in B31 came back on but has since gone off again. This may be intermittent due to low pressure but we will update if we hear more

UPDATE 1630hrs

All supplies now being restored to the 40,000 who were affected. Statement and advice from Severn Trent Water:

We’re pleased to say that following a lot of hard work from our teams, the water supply in Birmingham is slowly being restored. It’ll take a while for our network to refill, so if you’re water has not yet come back on or the pressure is low, please be patient.

In rare circumstances, an interruption to the water supply like this can disturb particles within our pipe making the water appear slightly yellow or orange in colour for a short period.  We’ll of course be monitoring this, but if you should experience a slight yellow/orange discolouration, please don’t worry.

We are not aware of any issue which could pose a risk to health, and our teams will remain in the area after all of the water has been restored to take water samples and make sure that there are no problems.

If you do experience any discolouration, just leave your cold tap running for a short period (usually about 20 minutes) and your supply will return to normal.

We’d like to thank all of our customers for their patience – we know it can be a real inconvenience to be without a water supply and we’re really sorry for any prolems this has caused.

UPDATE 1400hrs 

In B32 we are making alterations to the system to hopefully bring supplies back on to 2700 properties in the Bartley Green and Woodgate areas

UPDATE 1300hrs Some homes in B45 have supplies restored. Latest from Severn Trent is that they are: “making changes to the network in the B31 area, around Northfield, which we hope will restore supplies to around 1500 properties in the next couple of hours.

“Further changes have been identified and our engineers are on the way to put these in place which we hope will bring supplies back on to around 600 properties in the B29 area of Selly Oak

“We continue to work at repairing the underlying burst and using every available option for restoring supplies for the rest of the areas affected.”

UPDATE 12.30hrs – Severn Trent working on restoring supplies. If you are elderly/disabled and concerned call 0800 783 4444


[Original post]

Many resident awoke this morning to loss of water supply or water pressure as one of the large water mains has burst. Parts of B29, B31, B32 and B45 are affected, as well as parts of B17, B27 and B62.

Initial estimates from Severn Trent at around 8.30am were that supplies should be restored within 6 hours.

The lastest update from Severn Trent Water was posted at 10.21 and reads: “We’re really sorry and hope this hasn’t caused you too much trouble. Our incident team has been set up, and engineers are on site doing their best to get things back to normal as quickly as they can.

“We are doing all we can to restore supplies as quickly as possible. Our incident team are identifying the options available to restore supplies and are hopeful that the majority of supplies can be restored in the next few hours”

To check areas affected use the Severn Trent Incident Map.

For updates check Severn Trent News


  1. Cannot believe we still have no water.. Very difficult with a very small child…
    I take it that for the extreme distruption we will be getting a refund on one instalment of our bill….
    Yeah right… More like an increase to pay for the engineers!!

    • well, I know its caused a tiny bit of disruption in your life, thinking you’re going to pester them for a refund means you dont beleive you get good value for money…
      our water is one of the cleanest, not just for colour but for low content of bacterial and microbial contamination on a continued basis 24 hours a day…

      lets see just some of our money put into the cost on supply of clean water… maintenence and storage of huge volumes of water, electric pumps (electric isnt free) worter works/treatment that uses harsh chemicals to kill all the nastys (sort of cheap to buy in bulk) but this makes the water un-drinkable and deadly! so, other chemicals to stablise them so its safe to drink and still can stop bacteria and microbes growing in the pipeline. guess whats next, more electric pumps, more storage, and then high pressure pumps…

      i dont know the cost of this little incident, it dont happen often thankfully but being prepaired is better and if it never happens you dont care, if it does you’re all good!

      this incident, they first had to find the problem, apply for permission to dig, inform all 999 services of this problem because of fire needing water and also traffic dealys probable near by to be avoided, a team of engineers, a handfull of tools, huge digging equiptment and then they have to get the water turned off from where its being pumped in from (could be wales) so to regain over 50% of the postcodes in 7 hours is bloody good work i think! they also need more teams to change the supply of many to other water suply stations around the south birmingham area to give something rater than nothing (such like warley water tower comes to mind)

      If your car breaks down on the motorway sunday morning, how long is it before you are found, collected, dropped off and car engine fixed, i think this case is damn site longer than several hours, and on top of all that, do you write off to the manufacturer of a 5-25 year old car requesting a partial refund and continued usage of the car, no, thats the same as when people asking for a refund of their water supply

    • I think they added more postcodes to some of their updates but we were keeping an eye on the area we cover. Hope you have supply back?

  2. i have rung st at 7pm after all day without water, We live in b31 off shenley lane.. All you get is a stupid recorded mesaage “we are aware …in your area…problems of supply we are sorry. this message will be updated….err no it isnt being updated actually and i dont accept your apology. Yes things do go wrong but 13hrs with no end in site!!!
    my family has spent all day like many many others with no toilet flush, no shower, no water to cook, nowashing up, no hand washing, with, only bottled water to drink!!!! its over 13hrs now ST pull your finger out!! My patience is at end with ST so i look forward to my supply coming back NOW!! and of course generous compensation for all the inconvience!! Yeah right i have just seen a pig fly by!Oh listen is that the rustle of ST executive bonus packages i hear in the distance.

    • b31 off shenly lane its 8.20pm still no water!! ST said “It’ll take a while for our network to refill” well its 4hrs and counting and its still not full….care to repsond ST or dont you care about customers??


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