West Midlands Police have urged parents to be cautious and remind their children to be aware of  ‘Stranger Danger’.

Local primary schools including St Laurence and St Brigid’s have issued a warning to parents following a report of an “attempted child abduction” in Northfield.

A police spokewoman said: “Officers were called by a concerned member of the public after a young girl returned home in Northfield on Monday evening, claiming that a man had tried to get her into a car.  The girl was not approached or spoken to by anyone, but she believed she was being beckoned to approach a parked vehicle, where a small group of people were gathered.

The spokeswoman reassured that the girl: “[…] left unharmed and the matter was reported to police, who attended and spoke to the child. Details of the incident have been recorded on police systems. 

“Enquiries have found this to be an isolated report and no other allegations have been made. We would always advise people to report suspicious activity, however minor it may seem. All such reports are treated seriously and thoroughly investigated.”

The man involved in the incident is described as black, around 30 years old and was driving a green 4×4 vehicle. The incident happened at Bromford Dell, off Bunbury Road, Northfield on Monday (7th October).

If you have any concerns please call Northfield police on 101


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