PLEASE NOTE – the original planning application was withdrawn. The resubmitted application Ref  2013/09409/PA is open for comments until 30/1/14 – View and submit/resubmit your comments


A planning application [new application submitted 23/12/13] has been submitted to Birmingham City Council for the upgrade and expansion of Reaside Clinic in Rubery.

Owned by Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, the site currently provides assessment, treatment and care for up to 92 men who require medium secure accommodation.

Originally built in the 1980s, facilities need to be improved to meet contemporary government guidelines for the provision of medium secure accommodation and to improve rehabilitative services.

The proposed upgrade would allow the clinic to house up to 138 men in low to medium secure facilities, an additional 36 beds.

Most accommodation facilities would move into the new buildings while community and support services, currently run off site, would be rehoused in the current building.

You can view the full application and submit comments to the planning committee on Birmingham City Council’s planning website:  [new application submitted 23/12/13 Ref: 2013/09409/09409]

Links to key documents [on new most recent application ref: 2013/09409]:

Design and access statement

Current site plan

Proposed site plan


    • Liam i could do with having a talk with you, as we seem to be on the same page. I’m ready for a fight. If you would like to email me your contact details:-, i think we need to get together to ensure this doesn’t happen!

  1. We are extremely unhappy with the proposed application and strongly object to the plans outlined in application reference 2013/07083/PA.

    Yes all trees have now been cut down not sure if this allowed

        • Stephen i could do with having a talk with you, as we seem to be on the same page. I’m ready for a fight. If you would like to email me your contact details:-, i think we need to get together to ensure this doesn’t happen!

      • Sas, big thanks to you and your team for being the first on this news scoop, not came across your site before, a friend of mine sent me the link, not sure if anyone on your team has an interest here, if they do please pass my details along, failing that would be a massive help if we could liaise with you.

        These plans will personally have a massive impact on my own home and family, so if we start a campaign and put a call out for interested parties or have a good story, with confirmed facts and evidence i’d love to give you publication first publishing rights. I hope i have the chance to work with you. Thanks again for your hard work, in supporting the community with local news.

  2. I tell you whats strange, that none of the new homes in Park Land appear on the map and they are the ones that will be effected, also how strange that this happens 4 weeks after Red Row marketing suite moves off site:- ‘i smell possible miss representation and back dealing’

    I have spoken to both the planning officer and contracted planing submission company, the architects are in hiding it appears.

    Heres what i sent to the planning office:-

    As per our conversation please, find enclosed formal objection. I would like to speak when this goes to committee, so can you please let me know when, where and at what time. Once again thank you for the information, your support and taking the time to speak to me today.
    Reasons for objection
    Safety, esp Current poor track record, Nature of people housed here, Proximity of Family homes.
    Local wild life, badger corridor, protected Bat boxes and Trees.
    Noise Pollution
    Light pollution, both day lack of and night excess high powered security lights.
    Building disturbance
    Traffic, car park noise, pollution general disturbance at night, 24 hour facility
    Privacy, secure facility will overlook family homes and gardens, view for inmates will be family gardens.
    Proximity of sex offenders in relation to young children less than 15mtrs

    I would like the plans to show the proximity of these new homes we own in relation to the proposed development, so the committee, has accurate representation of the impact of such a proposed development.


    I have not confirmed facts and wrote this message in a state of rage so my apologizes its not very articulate and doesn’t have any technical details or facts, they’ll come when i have time to do some research and if i can contract some specialists for site surveys. Its a battle ahead and i wont do it alone, but if the supports their, with people living locally and we can pull together we have a month before committee and i intend on having some representation there for the Park Lands and local community.

    Regards Lee

  3. At what point are local residents formally informed of planning applications such as this?
    I live on the Redrow estate on Great Park and this is the first i’ve heard of it.

  4. Received the NEW outline today! – chance to comment!!!!,
    Everyone needs to get objecting to this again, HOW can they even think of this being a good idea?
    With a LOT of people visiting the area for Cinema,Hollywood Bowl etc…… What would a secure mental accommodation do to their business too being on the doorstep – Does safety not mean anything to these people??????
    This needs to be thrown out because of our own safety & the safety of the area.

  5. Hi, just found this site by accident, but so glad others feel the same as us! We back on to this site from the other side and strongly oppose this proposed development as do all the neighbours in our street. We will definitely be objecting again as this whole idea needs to be scrapped ASAP. Glad to help out with anything that will assist with this.

  6. Planning application approved 20.March.2014

    Still amazed there was reference to local-householder-engagement. Not a single solitary piece of information has been received on the Great Park estate!


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