Longbridge Lane just before the narrowing - with hidden signage! - pic Martyn Ingham
Longbridge Lane just before the narrowing – with hidden signage! – pic Martyn Ingham

Wanda Collins has started a paper petition regarding the new layout of Longbridge Lane.

You can sign an online version of Wanda’s petition here.

There is also a public meeting on Wednesday 2nd October. Details here **PLEASE NOTE – meeting start time has been revised to 7pm**

“We, as local residents object to the new road lay out on the bridge adjacent to Longbridge train station. The main issue derives from the fact that approaching traffic does not have sight of the ill placed bollards advising that the approaching lane is closed, until the lane has in fact narrowed. The bollards are situated over the brow of the hill and therefore do not provide a reasonable amount of time to “warn” cyclists/motor vehicles that the lane narrows.

We are extremely surprised that the Planning & Regeneration Department at Birmingham City Council did not foresee this issue and those necessary steps were taken prior to the implementation of the alterations to the road.

When roads are especially narrow, drivers have to “negotiate” and gingerly interact with one another. The theory that narrowing roads is an improvement for pedestrians may have been the Council’s initial intention. However, the reality of the subjective experience of cycling or driving on narrowed roads is extremely concerning indeed.”

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  1. I’ve already complained in writing to Richard burden mp about this, he told me he’s had that many complaints he’s going to raise the issue with the council

  2. Re the Longbridge Lane Petition – I believe the road narrowing is in conflict with the highway code, in that it forms an obstruction just over the brow of a hill. Parking a vehicle under such circumstances would normally be illegal, yet the purpose of the obstruction is clearly to provide parking spaces for the new shops.
    Vehicles manouvering in and out of these spaces also are at risk of collision from unseen traffic coming over the bridge.
    When the road is icy I can see some very nasty situations developing.

  3. As mature and responsible motorcyclist, I found this new layout to be extremely hazardous to all road users. The main problem in my opinion is that it is completely hidden from view due to the crest of the railway bridge! I personally cannot see why the off road parking area could not have been created during the construction of the ample foot path.


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