pic Dave Gibbs
pic Dave Gibbs

Around 50 residents turned up to meet with officials about traffic issues and the ongoing development of Longbridge Lane at a public meeting last night.

The meeting was held at Greenlands Social Club and was attended by officers from Birmingham City Council Highways and Planning and Regeneration departments, along with local councillors and MP Richard Burden.

Residents studied plans and made their points and asked questions of Highways officers. Some presented individual letters of objection, particularly in relation to the sudden narrowing of Longbridge Lane immediately after the brow of the railway bridge.  These letter were accepted by, Peter Wright, the Area Manager of Planning and Regeneration for Birmingham City Council.

Local resident Wanda Collins also presented a petition opposing the narrowing. At the time of the meeting, she had collected a total of 835 signatures in just 24 hours, on paper petitions in shops at Sunbury Road and online at B31 Voices.

Wanda said: “A lot of the issues brought up were listened to and noted down to see what they could do. There’s still frustration about parking locally.”

She said that officials explained that the road narrowing was not meant as an obstruction and it was supposed to taper into one lane gradually. Officials said that the narrowing to one lane is so that the pedestrian walkway over the bridge can be widened.

A statement from Peter Wright, Planning and Regeneration manager, explains:

“To address the immediate concerns caused by the small build out associated with the completion of the Sainsbury’s development, the City Council has now placed a run of cones, to help direct vehicles away from the hazard. In addition, the lane merger signage leading to the build out has been relocated and additional signage provided to improve visibility and give advanced warning to vehicles. The build out will not be a permanent feature as it forms the first part of a wider enhancement scheme yet to be completed. The cones, therefore, are also a temporary solution.

At the public meeting on 2nd October, called by local politicians, Council Officers explained that a major pedestrian and environmental enhancement scheme has been designed to link the new Longbridge Local Centre to the rail station and Sunbury Road shops. These works, designed to dovetail with the St Modwen/Sainsbury’s works will deliver wider pavements, a new pedestrian crossing, environmental enhancements and an improved and safer road alignment. The Council’s works were originally due to be implemented at the same time as the Sainsbury’s works. Unfortunately, due to on-going public discussions about the scheme and associated parking issues, the scheme start has been delayed, resulting in the temporary Sainsbury’s build out causing the hazard. It is hoped to commence the scheme as soon as possible.”

Reader Bob Adams commented about the meeting: “Good turn out, parking on residential roads had a good hearing, usual ‘things are being looked into’. Plans shown for landscaping and block paving to bring Sunbury Road into the new town. Did notice that the parking bay that has been put in now has a 15 min no return within 30 mins, restriction sign, not that it will be enforced as who is going to monitor it?”


  1. As I said no one to enforce the 15 min parking allowed,the red car parked there everyday all day was there this morning when I went to catch a train and it was still there 3 hours later

  2. Why do they need to widen the pedestrian walkway over the bridge when they have a perfectly wide enough walkway already closer to the Greenlands and a path running along with the road? Planning at it’s worst again by an incompetent Highways Dept.

  3. It is a ridiculous idea to widen the pathway over the bridge. The pathway has been like that for donkey’s years and there hasn’t been a problem. The narrowing of Longbridge Lane just after the station has only succeeded in causing major tailbacks of traffic again in peak times, similar to those caused when the lane was blocked off during the building work. Surely an increase in facilities down at Longbridge and therefore an increase in traffic, would warrant the road remaining at two lanes, not being taken down to one. Once again, the Council haven’t got a clue, probably because they don’t have to travel down Longbridge Lane every morning.

  4. no mention of the hazard caused to cylcsts i note by forcing them into road. once again this council has got it wrong!!its ansWer to every traffic issue is

  5. In all the years I have lived on Longbrige lane I don’t think
    I have ever seen such a worse bit of planning as the parking
    bays after the bridge , not only causing serious traffic hold ups
    but very dangerous to traffic trying to pull back into the single
    lane blind below the brow of the bridge. Surely there is ample parking on site at the two main car parks.
    On the lane we have not seen traffic jams like these since the closure of Rover jurying rush hour,clearly an encouragement to come shop at Longbrige new town.

  6. The road narrowing is dangerous, the traffic congestion is the worste it has ever been around there, the traffic lights favour both the side roads even when there is no traffic waiting at them, Longbridge Lane surely should be the priority on the lights.
    The worrying thing is now it is forcing traffic to go through the Austin Village to avoid the tailbacks, so Turves Green school is seeing a lot more congestion at Home time.
    The whole project need re-visiting and then someone to swallow their pride and admit it is wrong and plan to get it right.

  7. I can’t believe the transformation that is happening before my eyes in this 500 yard stretch of Longbridge lane.paths for pedestrians are now going to take up more room than the single lanes for cars over the bridge…I have never even in rush hour seen pedestrians struggling to keep on the path through congestion the is never more than a handful of people waiting to cross the road yet cars now que all the way from the bp garage island to get to the sainsburys traffic lights…it needs two lanes for cars!

  8. .paths for pedestrians are now going to take up more room than the single lanes for cars over the bridge…I have never even in rush hour seen pedestrians struggling to keep on the path through congestion there is never more than a handful of people waiting to cross the road yet cars now que all the way from the bp garage island to get to the sainsburys traffic lights…it needs two lanes for cars!

  9. I attended the meeting back in October where many sensible solutions & alternatives to the issues were put forward by concerned residents.We were shown plans (pre- prepared !) to allay our concerns and assured that the points raised would be looked into. Months later we now have a far bigger debacle to contend with which bear no resemblance to the plans originally shown. As mentioned above the traffic now often extends back to the BP garage & beyond.Even worse in the opposite direction we now have two lanes coming from the Bristol Rd & one from Tessall Lane all trying to get into the one lane over the bridge. chaos ! In addition,as mentioned, to avoid this “cock-up” traffic is spilling into nearby residential estates/school areas to find an alternative “escape route”.


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