Rubery police are appealing for witnesses to an incident at Lickey Hills Country Park on Wednesday 23rd October  in which a dog was killed by other dogs.

The incident involved 2 women, in their 40s, who were walking two dobermans, two boxers and a greyhound that killed another dog.

The incident took place in the afternoon close to the Visitors’ Centre on Warren Lane.

Elaine, the owner of Alfie, commented on our Facebook page: “It was my dog that was killed, he was a little 4 year old whippet, we are devastated, cant sleep, and just so tearful, he was gentle, timid and never left my side

“He was scared when he saw the dogs, I asked the ladies to call their dogs back when they surrounded him, they said calm down, they are playing that’s what dogs do, he ran they chased, he was so scared, dogs were missing for a while, eventually 4 of the other dogs were back, Alf and the greyhound were still missing

“I went looking for him and there he was dead under a tree, the greyhound walking away, his muzzle on the floor not far away, he had managed to get it off, (the rangers have got this muzzle) the vet told me his neck was broken, his lung was punctured and some of his insides were hanging out, 1 lady did help me back to the car with my dead dog, she thought i should be grateful for this, even though one her dogs had killed my dog

“This is now in the hands of the police, please, please come forward if you are these ladies. I am a big dog lover and i know that most owners are responsible people, I know lots of greyhounds and they are lovely, however some ex racing dogs still like to chase, so they should be kept on a lead, i have no problem with groups of dogs being walked. I would like to find these ladies and dogs I don’t want anyone else to go through what we are going through, loved my dog so much. R.I. P ALFIE. XX”

If you were one of the women walking the dogs or you were a witness to this incident please contact West Mercia Police Pc Burling at Rubery Police Station by calling 101

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Cover image by Ell Brown on Flickr


  1. Also a friend told me that a man had his learcher killed on the Licky Hills golf course not long ago by four dogs (two were apparently staffies), the owners just walked away after the incident with not a care in the world. And talking of world, what is this world coming to – be careful with you dogs out there and maybe walk your dog(s) with other people just to be safe = (

  2. Really sad to hear, our dog was also seriously injured by a greyhound in the Lickey Hills about 2/3 years ago. It saddens me that people clearly can’t keep their dogs under control.

  3. Why are all dogs not on the lead when out in public.
    A walk at the Lickey Hills is always spoiled by dogs off the lead running around out of control. The whole area is soiled in dog muck, generally left by owners who let their dogs off the lead to run into the woods to deposit their muck, but don’t have any intention of picking it up. Its so bad that the area up by the lookout smells awful in warm weather.
    Its not safe for children up there because of dogs off the lead and the mess they leave.

  4. This is so sad I go up the Lickeys so often with my little boy and the horrible thing is the amount of dogs that walk around with no lead! Its wrong can u imagine if what happened to poor Alfie happened to a child!!!!!!!!


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