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Anyone wanting to know more about the plan to introduce wheelie bins on a city-wide basis to Birmingham can take part in the latest Birmingham City Council webchat on September 16.

Cllr James McKay, Cabinet Member for a Green, Safe and Smart City, will be on hand to take questions from 5.30pm to 6.15p and that chat will be visible live on this page.

Anyone unavailable on the evening can submit their questions in advance by email to: press.office@birmingham.gov.uk or leave them in the comment section below.


  1. Waste of time really…they are coming, you put your rubbish in and leave in the street…what is there to ask.
    Oh, i just thought of something, why didn’t this useless council promote the fact that they are spending around £30m of council money on the silly scheme in addition to the £30m from the government.
    They tryed to keep it very low key about the council cash…making us believe it was paid for by the government. Great isn’t it when they can spend £30m on bins but cut vital services to children and other vulnerable people.

  2. I agree. This council asked loads of questions on their questionnaire regading this regading sexual preferences, gender etc., but not the one question everyone wanted – Do you want a wheelie bin? And why? because they know very well the resounding answer would be NO I DONT! As to the additonal £30 million they have spent on it – when they come to make more people redundant they will point the finger at the Government and blame the cuts. They are more intrested in scoring political points than keeping working people in jobs. I cant wait to vote this disgraceful bunch off in the next election and anyone with any sense will do the same.

  3. How will this worked for houses off the roadside where the binmen won’t collect bags from now to they have to lug all these bins around with the chance of theft and vandslism

  4. Good question to ask anon, i believe you can ask for assisted collection if you will find the bins difficult to move.
    Worth asking themon the web chat.

  5. Well the council have again shown a complete lack of respect for peoples concerns. Obviously prepared answers and not answering concerns with any compassion or even interest, does nothing to boost the popularity of this useless council.
    Another low point reached in the council popularity stakes.

  6. Just out of interest, a more realistic survey in a number of council wards produced a result of 17,000 surveys returned with over 13,000 against…not a survey the labour council want to report.


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