Image by @BethanCopeland on Twitter
Image by @BethanCopeland on Twitter

Our attention was drawn to this makeshift sign erected by neighbours to the Tesco Express shop on Barnes Hill, Weoley Castle when Bethan Copeland posted this photo on Twitter!

It must have been there a while, as this Google Streetview image of it was taken back in October last year, so some of you will have seen it already!

Anyone know what led these neighbours to be so under-impressed?!

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  1. Chances are they were people with nothing better to do than moan probably pensioners, there has been a garage on that site for as long as I can remember

  2. The property belongs to my old neighbour, you couldn’t wish to meet a nicer person! He moved to enjoy a bigger property with his family and Tesco we/ are most unhelpful with regards to noise levels, rubbish etc. He finally came to the end of his tether, hence the sign. All he wants is a nice quiet life!


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