1suerydervolsFrom Sue Ryder charity shop, Northfield:

We urgently need volunteers to join us in our busy shop in Northfield!

Please visit our facebook page www.facebook.com/sueryder.northfield

Like it, see what we do, and how you can make a difference in helping us to help others provide incredible care to people with life changing conditions.”

Pop in to the shop in Northfield for a chat!

The charity is also opening a new shop in Harborne on the 20th September and needs volunteers for that too!


  1. I have always valued and supported this shop and donated a lot of stuff over the years..
    I wanted to buy a guitar at this Northfield branch, but it was damaged as a result of rather awkward display mechanism on the wall — though it was meant to be brand new. I said I would definitely buy if they knocked a fiver off. .However, their response was that they would need someone from their head office to visit and give okay for a reduction—and could I come back next week. Duh! No, I couldn’t, as it happened, as I was busy and this was rather like being pushed to jump through hoops and so I declined, disappointing though that outcome was…
    I tried to negotiate but to no avail. They lost a sale there.
    Since that – what seemed like a rather silly – fiasco, and the #workfare shame they brought upon themselves which involved disabled people working for nothing for this charity, I am sorry to say, my feelings which were once so favourable towards Sue Ryder, have taken something of a nose-dive.

  2. My mum bought my little girl a dolls house from this shop some time ago and we can say we were and are still delighted. My only wish is that she took more care of her own room than she does the dolls house.
    Without charities this country would be in a right state, where do you think research monies come from, who pays for hospices, Macmillan care, Stop having a go at our charities and support them!!
    I was a volunteer before my babe was born and one of the main reasons I left was moaning Joe the public. Now I always thank the people in the shops as I know what they put up with.

  3. The volunteers do a great job in supporting charities…its the executives of the charities who earn thousands off the back of them that discourage me from supporting any longer.


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