**PLEASE NOTE – meeting start time has been revised to 7pm**

Residents have been concerned about parking issues on Longbridge Lane for many years – from parking congestion around Sunbury Road shops, college users parking in residential streets, station traffic and so on.

With the new Longbridge development, many were hoping things would improve but locals have been particularly bemused by the sudden narrowing of Longbridge Lane opposite the station. The road narrows suddenly from two lanes to one and a large kerb protects a small parking bay. The fact that this happens just after the brow of the bridge over the rail track and does not have clear signage has concerned many.

Many are also worried that the system as it is will not cope with increased traffic as the new town centre continues to be developed.

After residents raised concerns at the last Northfield ward committee meeting, Birmingham City Council have arranged a public meeting to address any issues, parking problems and future parking plans.

Officers from the council’s Highways team are expected to be in attendance along with other local stakeholders, including Northfield and Longbridge ward councillors.

A petition has also been started by Wanda Collins, which you can sign here

Meeting details:

Date: Wednesday, 2nd October 2013
Time: 7pm till 8.30pm
Venue: Greenlands Social Club, 105 Longbridge Lane B31 4LF (opposite Longbridge station)


  1. i quite agree with “bemused by the sudden narrowing of Longbridge Lane opposite the station.”Bemused!! its downright dangerous it startled me when i first went through it i had no idea and nearly hit it, as for cyclists!!!! what are the city engineers thinking!!! shocking!!! put it back as it was i say. before swomeone is killed.

  2. That ‘road narrowing island’ is one of the stupidest and most dangerous bits of road design I’ve ever seen. Almost drove into it myself in the dark a couple of weeks ago. Due to the hump on the bridge over the railway you cannot see that the left hand lane is closed off until the last second (pic no1 above shows it perfectly).

    What kind of idiot thought this road layout was a good idea? Totally agree with comment above – remove it asap before someone gets killed!!

  3. I too was surprised that this had been done just over the brow given that it is not that long since the road was widened. My other concern is that when you turn left, into the Sainsbury area, you tend to find hordes of people crossing from the college, seemingly oblivious to the traffic. No thought appears to have been given to a specific crossing area to Gregg’s/ Sainsbury. I also attempted to park with the intention of using Costa Coffee to find that the parking was full of contractors vehicles with no designated area for blue badge parking. The ‘parking’ attendant was worse than useless.

  4. After negotiating the barmy bit sticking out in the road you have to contend with the unmarked roads on the new village area.
    Both comments above are absolutely correct…it needs sorting out before someone gets killed.

  5. What a stupid thing to do, anyone that don’t know the road is going to cause an accident, because of the slowing traffic some have over took on inside to be met with this silly narrowing of the road, why????

  6. I think the whole of this area, from the narrowing of the road opposite the station to the entrance of the ‘motor piazza’ that has been created outside Sainsburys and the college needs urgently re-designing.

    The narrow lane immediately needs clearer and larger signs – maybe even the big black& white arrows you see on sharp bends or roundabouts.

    The entrance to Sainsburys has been designed to look like a pedestrianised area but is essentially a busy road junction. It will soon become even busier with traffic as the superstore gets busier for Xmas, and the new hotel & pub open for business. Students and shoppers are all walking around in a daze not realising cars are coming at them from all directions…. you can’t blame them – it’s the way the road surface & markings have been designed.

  7. ‘Unbelievably stupid’ Over the brow of a hill, where were ‘Health and Safety ‘ on this? they seem to interfere with everything else.

    As for the traffic issues. who sequenced the lights? Anne Widdicombe, when she was on strictly? The lights seem to sequence as follows.
    Lights by sainsburys, RED
    lights at top of longbridge lane, Green
    lights at top of longbridge lane go Red
    lights by Sainsburys Still Red
    Lights at top of longbridge lane , Green
    Lights by sainsburys Red/Amber to Green.
    Cue mad dash to try get thorough lights at top of longbridge lane while they’re still Green. Added in is the pedestrian lights at the top of the hill o/s the station which go Red for longer than a snail on a go-slow protest would be able to cross.

    As for street parking by the college, Make the college car park free. who wouldn’t park for free in the street if you can find a spot.

    • To be fair Bob, they’d changed the time earlier in the day but we didn’t become aware until later. At least it’s a later time, not earlier, so people aren’t going to turn up having missed it!!

  8. In addition to my earlier comments, I would add that simply “improving” the signposting is not enough – the layout is inherently dangerous. Don’t forget that drivers at this point are busy enough watching for pedestrians crossing to/from the station and whatever signposts are present are likely to be missed due to this fact.


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