A local man, accused of two counts of rape, has been released on bail after re-appearing at Birmingham Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Northfield Inspector Vanessa Eyles said: “A man has been given court bail after being charged with two counts of rape. The 41-year-old […] has been fitted with an electronic tag pending the conclusion of court proceedings.”

The Inspector offered reassurance that the man is being monitored following the magistrate’s decision: “Police across south Birmingham, along with Probation officers, are monitoring his whereabouts and my neighbourhood officers have stepped up patrols to reassure residents.”

“If anyone has any concerns whatsoever about this case, I would urge them to contact me and my team on 101” she added.


  1. The reason he’s out is because the police failed to inform the victims prosecution that he had applied for bail so they weren’t there at the courts on the tues and just heard his tag time is nine fook me what a disgrace they rang the victim and could only apologise for the lack of communication as they put it , they are scum like him the victim was told he was out yesterday so for all they knew she could of bumped into him , so wrong in many ways x

  2. I agree with the above, it’s absolutely vile that somebody such a monster could be let out in bail with a tag of 9! So what about8? 7? 6? Can animals not pounce during the day? They need to stop putting court dates back and sort it there and then on the day he’s obviously in court as there was enough evidence to send him there so make ya mind up be different if it was the judges daughter!

  3. I don’t think he was bailed because the victim’s family wasn’t informed. The police always advise against going to court until they are called to give evidence.

    He more than likely got bailed because there are potentially holes in the story, or he may even be innocent.

    Innocent until proven guilty and if he was that much of a threat to women, he’d be on remand right now.

    This is merely my humble opinion, I don’t know the story here, just what’s been published.

  4. Had the victims (whom I know personally) lawyers been informed that the perpetrator (who I and my friends went to school with) was applying for bail, her lawyers would have turned up to protest against him getting out on tag and would therefore he would have been remanded in custody. This is not the first time he has been accused of rape either……..same thing happened a couple of years ago
    However, yes innocent until proven guilty but if he is guilty, lets just pray that he doesn’t get the urge again before his Crown Court date in January. He will get to celebrate Christmas whilst his supposed victims life is in turmoil ;/


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