Image by @CoftonNursery on Twitter
Image by @CoftonNursery on Twitter

Local residents were greeted by a sad sight on their commutes this morning when they found the iconic Mini flower display on Longbridge island had been flipped over by vandals. 

Cofton Nursery staff quickly set the Mini back on its feet tyres as locals expressed their disappointment at the act of vandalism.

The display was initially only returned to the island for one day but, following an outpouring of support from local people, they decided to leave it out for the community to enjoy.

All summer the display, celebrating the proud history of Longbridge,  has brought a smile to the faces of local people and visitors alike.  However, staff have now confirmed that the popular display will now be returned to the nursery at Cofton Park to preserve it.

Tony Turpin, from Cofton Nursery, said: “Staff at Cofton Nursery were not very happy this morning to discover that the award winning and iconic Mini had been vandalised on the Longbridge island. The Mini, which has given pleasure to commuters throughout the summer, will now be returned to the nursery.”

One reader said: “Such a shame. We love to see it on a yearly basis and took photos a couple of years ago and sent them to brother who emigrated to New Zealand… he loved them – it is a bit of nostalgia left and I am not originally from Birmingham but it is great to see a community make an effort to applaud the great place that Longbridge was and the people who worked there.”

Councillor Andy Cartwright, himself an ex-Rover worker, said: “It saddens me that someone can disrespect an icon of local heritage that many in the local area have been part of. The Longbridge Mini celebrates and brings together the local community and those who enjoyed driving one. ”

It will be really sad to see the Bloom 1 Mini go from its position standing proudly at the gateway to Birmingham. You will still be able to see it on display at Cofton Nursery on Lickey Road.

If you have any information on what happened to the Mini last night, please call Longbridge police on 101

Bloom 1 - the pride of Longbridge on display last summer
Bloom 1 – the pride of Longbridge on display last summer


  1. Hello can’t believe what’s happened to boom1 make me sad to think people are prepared to do these things to somthing close to everyone harts who live on longbridge no respect I would like to help do any repairs that is needed to put boom1 back where it belongs and as a I have just restored a 1968 mini my self as a member of lmc ( longbridge mini club ) i am sure we can get it all sorted and back where it belongs

  2. i agree brenda someone knows which moron(s) did this. No wonder people take the pee out of birmingham in the media when we have low life in the area who do this sort of thing!!

  3. Mindless and pathetic. Well done to Cofton staff for producing such a masterpiece. At least its going home to be cared for properly and protected from the petty infantile behaviour of a small number of idiotic fools. Shame though as its such an awesome sight on the island.

  4. congratulations to all involved in this great display, im also at a loss as to why we have to loose such an icon of longbridge because of mindless fools surely the local council, mps etc can step in and anchor our icon so this never happens again

  5. no doubt again we find ourselves dealing with the lower uneducated end of society….total dregs of the earth…maybe there the same mindless scum who stole the porcelain statue from a weoley castle grave over the weekend….!!

  6. I agree with Brenda this kind of mindless “thuggery” is despicable, why on earth would someone commit such an act….whoever it is needs reporting! covering a perfectly good car in flowers it’s ridiculous


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