The FUNdamental training programme for 4-6 year olds starts at Shenley Lane later this month with opportunities for youngsters to enjoy the game in a fun environment and parents to join in the fun as coaches!

Programme organiser James McPike was a professional footballer for Birmingham City FC and has spent the last year coaching football to a range of age groups across the USA.

James says:

James McPike
James McPike

I’ve created a programme which is starting in Northfield this September.

The programme is an introduction to football for 4, 5 and 6 year olds, it’s also an educational programme for parents who want to be a part of their child’s learning experience.

My aim is to create 8 teams of 10 players, with 2 parents who volunteer to coach.

The programme runs for 10 weeks with the winter period as a break, to avoid the children being out in the cold and the weather calling sessions off, it will then start again in April for another 10 weeks.

At the end of each 10 week block the teams created will receive £100 to spend on equipment, pitch fees for the winter or to reward the children with trophies and medals for participation, the coaches will also receive a catalogue of 30 training exercise to take home and do with their team in their own time.

To sign up for this fantastic opportunity, to be a part of your child’s learning experience while they learn the FUNdamentals of football, in a safe and exciting environment please sign up NOW at http://www.focusthroughfootball.moonfruit.com/fundamental-training/4577540728

 We looking forward to hearing from you!



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