Tesco Cash machine
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A reader reports to us that she had her bank card cloned at a local ATM over the weekend, so we thought it would be useful to share some advice for using cash machines safely.

There are various ways that thieves can clone or trap your card and gain access to your account, so always bear the following in mind when using an ATM:

  • Know who’s around you. If you feel uncomfortable that someone nearby is acting suspiciously, don’t use the machine and call police on 101
  • Check the machine for obvious tampering. If you think you see a suspicious device on a machine, don’t remove it but contact your bank and/or the police on 101.
  • Always shield your pin number. Hide your pin number from view using your body, wallet/purse or hand while entering
  • Check you bank account regularly. Report any unusual withdrawals or spending directly to your bank as soon as you notice it.
  • Keep your pin number safe. Try not to write it down and never give it to anyone else.

If you have any worries or suspicions about ATM fraud, contact your bank directly or police on 101

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