Ambulance in Motion
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West Midlands Ambulance Service crews received four 999 calls to an accident in Shenley Lane at just after 4pm today, where a girl had been in collision with a car.

Initial reports on the accident, near the junction of Long Nuke Road, suggested the girl may have been seriously injured.

However, WMAS have confirmed that the 11 year old had a lucky escape, receiving only minor bumps and bruises but no obvious serious injuries.

A spokesman said: “She was taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital as a precaution for further assessment, but it is thought likely she will be released later this evening.

“The man driving the car was uninjured but understandably upset by what had happened.”


  1. Thank God the young girl was not badly hurt.
    That road has been like a race track for years…only yesterday morning i was passed by a car doing what i would estimate to be well over 50mph near the very junction in the report.

    Its virtual anarchy on the roads these days…with no signals at islands and junctions, speeding, jumping the lights as they just change to red, not stopping at pelican lights and parking in dangerous places.
    Mind you, i was passed by a police car in the 30mph area of Bristol Rd with no lights or sirens on, they must have been doing about 40mph as i was at 30mph when they came by and went into the distance.

  2. Awful junction many car crashes jay walking and speeding people running red lights bad road in general lots of lives lost all for a few minutes


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